Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Office Chair Becomes the Cat's Meow!

Ever since I moved to Dover three years ago I've been blogging (along with my cat, Henry) on this bistro chair and never thought about how uncomfortable it was until a dear friend pointed it out and promptly

replaced it with a proper office chair. At first Henry didn't know what to do when his perch was removed but in time 

he warmed the seat along with his younger brother, Buster, and soon after that

he was using the chair as a cat tree!

So, as far as Henry is concerned, the bistro chair is a thing of the past and the office chair is officially the cat's meow!


  1. I think the office chair is very inviting. Although there is something special about the other chair, my MOM likes the bistro chair.

  2. The chair looks just the ticket. April thank you our prize arrived today. I will get a post ready about it for next week. I will try and post it Saturday to tie in with your competition. This Saturday is tied up with Madi becoming mayor but week after is free. Hope that is OK. Thank you again. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. All kitties that help blog should have a suitable office chair!

  4. Chairs, chairs everywhere =^.^=
    Where has the bistro chair's cushion gone? If I may ask?

  5. Just as long as they don't start using it as a scratching post too.


  6. Yes, my friends, a comfortable chair is very important when blogging and I'm so glad Henry and Buster decided to give the office chair their paw of approval. The bistro chair went back in the kitchen where it belonged but when the cats take over the office chair the bistro chair returns to the computer table! LOL

  7. When the peeps leave the room, I like to sit on their office chairs. :P

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