Friday, April 20, 2012

Create Word Clouds With Tagxedo!

How would you like to turn your favorite words, slogans, and themes into an artsy word cloud? With the help of Tagxedoyou can!

What's even more fun is that you can type in your blog address, Twitter ID, or your favorite web address such as (as shown above), or any other topic and then an eye-catching word cloud appears! 

On my first try, I created a word cloud about Daisy and I was impressed with it. Don't you love it?

And then I dedicated my second word cloud to my two cats, Henry and Buster! Purrfect!

If you are feeling creative, please enjoy making your own word clouds at today!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeing Eye Dog, Quinn, Helps Owner, Randy Pierce, Reach New Heights

While substituting at a local high school on Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet Randy Pierce, the first blind person to climb all 48 peaks of the White Mountains of New Hampshire with the help of his seeing eye dog, Quinn.

Climbing the White Mountains 4,000 footers is a tall order even for hikers who can see the loose rocks, low-hanging branches, tree roots and other obstacles on the trail. Randy not only depends on Quinn to guide him safely around these dangers, but has complete confidence in the dog’s ability to do so.

Quinn did not receive any special training as a hiking guide, but according to Randy, he’s demonstrated a natural aptitude for the work. “When I took Quinn to his first mountain, I was astounded with how well he adapted and how much he loved it. The power of that tail wag made it clear this was an adventure he wanted to repeat. We've grown tremendously in skill as a team in managing these mountains, and I'm elated at our achievements."

His thoughts on hiking with pal, the mighty Quinn: “He does it with this devotion and love and excitement, you know he's eager for it.”

“The most important thing I can tell anyone is the choice we make in how to respond to our life is going to have a bigger influence on our life than anything else ever could,” he said.

For his part, Quinn was presented with the Order of the Golden Biscuit at Saturday's climb, making him the fourth canine to have completed the 48 peaks in a single winter.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to Everybunny!

Lots of Love,

Daisy, Buster, and Henry

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daisy Weighs In


When my mom shoved nudged me into the backseat of the car yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to the dog park but instead I ended up at the vet's office, for an annual exam. 

I've had three annual exams so far so I wasn't too worried about this exam at all until the vet tech asked me to step on the scale. Would you believe that the arrow moved away from my good weight of 65 and stopped at 70 instead? How could a dog who goes on at least five power walks a day with friends gain weigh? How could a dog who eats twice a day weigh 70 pounds?

Naturally, I would not accept the 5 pound weight gain so I stared deep into the eyes of the vet tech, the vet, and my mom and I protested by "saying" these things:

"I weighed 65 pounds this morning! Your scale must be wrong."

"Of course I'm 5 pounds heavier! You didn't give me a chance to take my collar and tags off!"

"You never get the right weight in the afternoon, Doc! Try weighing me in the morning instead."

 When the vet suggested that she should substitute giving me vegetables and fruit instead of milk bones I lowered my head in laughter shame because I eat healthy snacks at all of my friend's houses because I like having the company BUT when she gives me a carrot at home I act like I'm scared of it and walk away and then my mom gets irritated and says I'm wasting her money!

 Do you have any healthy snack ideas that would be hard for me to resist at home?


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What True Love Looks Like To Me

Isn't true love grand? And by true love, I'm talking about the truest form of love, the kind of love that causes a girl to photograph her dog's favorite features for all the world to see.

One of my favorite features of Daisy's is her eyes because they are so expressive, so well accentuated with with perfectly drawn "eyeliner", and so breathtaking.

Another favorite feature is Daisy's nails because no matter how many miles she's walked, no matter how holes she's dug, and no matter how many sprints she's run, her nails always look shiny, smooth, and bright.

Another favorite of mine is Daisy's cat-like, compact paws and her thick, strong pads because they feel soft despite walking on gravel, tar, and concrete. 

I'll admit it. I believe in true love, the kind of love that causes a girl to photograph her dog's best features for all the world to see.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Please Read THIS Before Adoptiong a Dog This Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon it is my hope that every dog gets his or her chance to live out his or her days in a nurturing and stable home but it is also my hope that decisions to adopt are taken very seriously. Fighting the temptation to adopt a shelter dog without thinking it through is difficult especially when you think you could be his or her only hope (and you might be!).

Before filling out adoption papers my advice is to go home, take a deep breath, weigh the pros and cons, and review this "Are you ready to get a dog?" checklist! If you are still convinced that that dog is THE ONE my next suggestion would be to bring your family members INCLUDING your other dog with you to ensure a proper fit and then by all means ADOPT! 

Please pass this post along to anyone you know who wants to adopt a dog this Christmas! 

Remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buster's April Fool's Day Prank

Buster: "Pssst! You can count on me to keep your seat warm while you are out walking with mom. I promise!"

Buster: "April Fool's, Daisy! I never said I would leave the bed after you returned from your walk, did I? You have to admit that sleeping with your brother is much better than sleeping alone, right?"

Daisy's word of advice: Don't believe a word your cat siblings "say" or you'll be on the edge of the warmest seat in the house!