Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daisy Weighs In


When my mom shoved nudged me into the backseat of the car yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to the dog park but instead I ended up at the vet's office, for an annual exam. 

I've had three annual exams so far so I wasn't too worried about this exam at all until the vet tech asked me to step on the scale. Would you believe that the arrow moved away from my good weight of 65 and stopped at 70 instead? How could a dog who goes on at least five power walks a day with friends gain weigh? How could a dog who eats twice a day weigh 70 pounds?

Naturally, I would not accept the 5 pound weight gain so I stared deep into the eyes of the vet tech, the vet, and my mom and I protested by "saying" these things:

"I weighed 65 pounds this morning! Your scale must be wrong."

"Of course I'm 5 pounds heavier! You didn't give me a chance to take my collar and tags off!"

"You never get the right weight in the afternoon, Doc! Try weighing me in the morning instead."

 When the vet suggested that she should substitute giving me vegetables and fruit instead of milk bones I lowered my head in laughter shame because I eat healthy snacks at all of my friend's houses because I like having the company BUT when she gives me a carrot at home I act like I'm scared of it and walk away and then my mom gets irritated and says I'm wasting her money!

 Do you have any healthy snack ideas that would be hard for me to resist at home?



  1. Humans are so hung up on weight. They all want to be America's next top model which makes it tough on the dog treats thing we have going.

  2. How do you feel about carrots? They're the treat of choice in our house!

  3. Hey Daisy!
    Wow, I'd suggest way more walkies and toy zoomies! Forget the veggies, go for more exercise. It's way more fun that way!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Don't forget the saying, "it's all muscle."
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh Daisy,
    Did you ask the VET how long it has been since the scale was calibrated? Surely a svelte Gal like you could not weigh an ounce over 66 lbs. Obviously, a mistake was made!
    On the other paw, carrots and apples are my favorite treats...I think you might like them. Besides, what's that old saying.."you can never be too thin or too rich"! BOL
    Your furiend,

  6. Oh dear, well, you know, The Mango recently lost 30 pounds because the vet said I had to in order to stay healthy. I do eat those green beans with my breakfast and I also eat carrots and apples. I didn't used to like banana, but I eat that now too. Good luck.


  7. Mango,
    Furst of all, congratulations on losing 30 pounds! You've inspired me to try eating some bananas, apples, and carrots! I've never eaten a banana but because you did I will try one or two or three!
    I agree! The doctor probably needed to calibrate the scale before I stepped on it! A mistake was made fur sure!
    Benny & Lilly,
    Yup, it is all muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, that's my motto.
    If the veggies don't work out for me then I'm going to work out more!
    Truth be told, I used to love carrots but now I sniff 'em and then drop 'em on the floor. Can I just call milk bones a veggie and call it even?
    I am American's Next Top Model but the vet didn't get that memo when I stepped on the scale! I'll send him the memo before I weigh in next year!

  8. Adorable Daisy!! Awwww - me and Charlie demand a second opinion! You're perfect already! :-)

    But seriously - we hope you find a good diet you like to keep you nice and trim and healthy! Yay! take care

  9. Maybe try some low fat treats or have your mommy make you some homemade treats, try sweet potatoes and pumkin, you dont have to eat green beans, carrots and apples everyday, Roxy and me, Molly loves all veggies, also you can run around more and go on more walks, the scale could be off or it could be the heavy collar and leash, maybe get a lighter collar and leash if you have to be weighed with your collar and leash on? Also charlie bear has treats that are only 3 calories each You do not look fat to us so don't worry too much about what the vet said, you can still have a milkbone here and there

  10. Daisy, you know as a girlie, those scales always lie. Butt, just in case they haven't, mum says maybe a little plain rice or pasta with your food. The grated carrot and apple sounds good too. Our angel sissy Kara was a little overweight (well ok, she was kinda fat) but she was healthy too. Good luck. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. My formerly emaciated Walker hound, Kyoko (just 30 pounds when she was dumped at a kill shelter in Greenville, SC) weighed in at over 75 pounds at her last vet visit. She's officially on a diet!

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