Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daisy Teaches Bebe How to Get a Milk Bone in 5 Steps

When Daisy walked with my hound mix client, Bebe, yesterday she couldn't wait for the for her payment at the end of the walk: milk bones. Unfortunately for Daisy, she wasn't going to get any milk bones until both girls Bebe sat and smiled for the camera. However, Bebe wasn't used to this process so Daisy had to coach her through it in 5 difficult easy steps.

Step 1: 
Daisy: "Stop with the stretching already! How can you see the milk bones from down there?"

Step 2:

Daisy: "You've got the sitting thing figured out but you've got to look at my mom and NOT at the squirrels, Bebe! Yikes!"

Step 3:

Daisy: "Bebe! Bebe? Bebe? Don't even think about running out there to chase squirrels! Milk bones are easier to catch, I tell ya!"

"Mom? Mom? Mom! Don't even think about posting a headless picture of me! Focus, lady!"


Step 4:

Daisy: "Seriously, Bebe? You're got the sitting thing going for you but you've got to LOOK at my mom! Got it? My stomach is growling like crazy, Bebe, so help me out here, okay?"

Step 5:

 Bebe: "I think I've got it, Daisy! Practice makes perfect, right?"

Daisy: "Congratulations! It took 7 steps to get those milk bones but it was worth it, my friend!"


  1. Your a very good teacher. Well done.

  2. Well done to you and Daisy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I can't believe it took so long to teach my friend to sit for her milk bones but it was worth it because we got into Blogville afterwards! BOL!


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