Friday, October 19, 2012

Colorado Teen Attempts To Take Photographs Of Nearly Every Animal On The Planet

What started out as something fun for a father and son to do together has evolved into a quest for a Colorado teenager to be photographed with nearly every member of the animal kingdom. So far he has been photographed with 840 different types of wild animals before they disappear but he’s still got more than 25,000 to go to reach his goal. 

Because of recent events such as the BP oil spill, threats to wildlife due to the destruction of their habitat, and the unwillingness many people have toward coexisting with wildlife, the likelihood of many species becoming extinct is very real.

Tallon's father, Bob Nightwalker, a single dad who is the manager of the Larimer (Colorado) Humane Society's wildlife rehabilitation department, has helped in documenting the project. The photos are then posted on a Facebook page — "Tallon Nightwalker' Animal Pictures" — with a description of each animal and whether it is an endangered species.

Tallon has volunteered at the Larimer Humane Society since he was 5, helping to nurse sick or injured animals, such as the American white pelican pictured above, back to health.

Reads Tallon's Facebook page: "Our hope is that these photos will raise an awareness for conservation, biodiversity, and encourage people to appreciate and protect animals of all shapes and sizes." 


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