Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest

I can always depend on Buster to camp out in the best places throughout my apartment and this hideout spot is no exception. In this picture I have to wonder what is on his mind and I need you, dear readers, to help me figure it out. Can you give him a silly caption this weekend?

If you are feeling silly and wish to pawticipate, the rules of the contest are as follows:

1) You must be a blog follower to enter this contest!

2) When captioning, please tell me if you are following me via GFC, e-mail, or RSS. I will, of course, return the favor by becoming your newest follower.

3) Caption the silly photo. Enter as many times as you wish!

4) Not creative with captions? Vote for your favorite caption!

5) Submit your entries until noon (EST) tomorrow, September 16th! Sorry, late entries will not be accepted.

The winner of the contest will be announced on Sunday evening, September 16th, and will:

1) Receive a silly gift via USPS along with a  Silly Saturday Certificate of Recognition!

2) Be added to the Silly Saturday Hall Of Fame located on my sidebar!
Good luck, everyone, and have fun!


  1. "But you said there would be tuna in here."

    Tucker and Daisy
    RSS feed

  2. We assume it is a cool box so ours is, Just chilling out! Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks for your silly caption, Molly! This is a good one!

  3. Oh... The drinks were for everyone? My bad...

    1. Buster does love a good drink, fur sure, so this caption fits him well!

  4. If you take one step closer to me I'll give you a taste of the Rocky Mountains you will never forget. (New follower: email:

    1. Thanks so much for becoming our newest follower! We are happy to have you here! Love your caption very much!

  5. "Get away from me, pawparazzi! My fur's too pretty for pickchers!"
    That's my caption(:

  6. " But you said it was cool in there... for me to hang out?"

    Purrs from Texas
    (following you by email and Google Friend Connect ;-)

    1. Thanks for this caption! He does look a bit bewildered in there, doesn't he?


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