Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Luxurious Life of Simbalina the Lionhead Rabbit

If there ever was a client who lived the life of a luxury it would have to be Simbalina, a lionhead rabbit, who 


lives comfortably in an air conditioned two bedroom condo where she dines on vegetables and herbs

 from her garden morning and night.

In between meals she relaxes in her private hay filled front yard


and when she tires of that she simply chooses a book from her library

 and listens carefully as her humans read a book to her before bedtime. 

As you can see, Simbalina is lucky enough to live a life of luxury because somebunny loves her very much!


  1. Simbalina!! Beautiful Simbalina! Awwww you are adorable and are Queen of your household! LOL! Good for you! Take care

  2. Wow those green veggies looked really really are the cutest little rabbit, and who could ask for anything better than to be read to everynight by someone who loves you.....
    Stella rose

  3. Such a cutie! That is one nice place to do some hopping!

  4. Somebunny sure does love that bunny. Can't blame them

  5. Simbalina has quite the 'Diva Life'. Very cute. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Of course Simbalina knows she is a lucky bunny and she's glad you think so!


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