Monday, February 20, 2012

Seamus The Dog Gets His Revenge Once And Fur All

With the Republican primaries well underway and the 2012 election looming on the horizon, it’s not the economy or immigration or war that’s captured the attention of some voters. Instead, the spotlight has been on the questionable treatment of Mitt Romney's Irish Setter, Seamus, who was strapped to the roof of his family's car in a kennel during a 12 hour trip to Canada in 1983.

The unfortunate incident was summed up best in an article posted at this way:

“Back in 1983, Romney put his Irish Setter, Seamus, in a crate and then strapped the crate to the roof of his car for a 12-hour trip from Boston to Romney’s vacation home in Ontario, Canada. Then, as the Boston Globe described when they broke the story in 2007, Romney’s son noticed a brown liquid dripping down the back window. Romney hosed the dog off and stuffed the hound back into the crate. The dog allegedly ran away when the Romney family finally reached its vacation destination.”

The story made the news during Romney’s 2007 bid for the presidency, and it had reared its doggie head again this time around. In fact, a dog named Rusty, who hosts the website, has been keeping the story alive for years. In fact, Rusty has more than 33,000 fans on his Facebook page!

As expected, Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, rose to her husband's defense in this statement:

“Surprise, surprise, the media didn't get the dog story right. Our dog Seamus rode in an ENCLOSED kennel, not in the open air. And he loved it. Every time he saw it, he jumped up on the tailgate, walked in, and lay down. It was just like the kennel he curled up in at home.” - Ann Romney

Nice try, Ann, but I have a feeling Seamus curled up in the kennel while the car was parked, not while the car was en route to Canada for 12 hours!

Body language told the "tail", however, when Seamus bolted from his crate when he reached his destination. Not surprisingly, Seamus never looked back at his "beloved" kennel or family again. According to Mrs. Romney, Seamus "lived to a ripe old age, basking in the affection of a large family.”

In the end, it may not be Romney’s religion or politics that take a bite out of his bid for the presidency. I believe Seamus is going to his revenge once and FUR all! Don't you agree?


  1. WOOHOO, Your back!!! How have you been? Poor Seamus...Disgusting behavior from the pawrents!

  2. Seamus rocks. I hope that justice prevails in the voting booth.

  3. Hey Teacher's Pets!! How are you?? Welcome back!! My goodness! It's good to see a post from your wonderful blog in my dashboard - that's so amazing! Yay!!!

    Oh Seamus - poor Seamus. What a thing to do to an animal. Terrible.

    I do hope he did find a better more loving home. Take care

  4. I'm happy to see you posting again! And OMG I didn't know that story. It's the same "he's just a dumb beast" attitude as people who leave a dog loose in the back of a truck.

  5. Well, first off I am sure glad to see you back! And second, yes, I agree you can tell a lot about a person's character by how they treat their animals.

    I knew about the crate incident (which was bad enough), but I didn't know he got sick, they hosed him off AND that Seamus ran away after the incident!

  6. Being a Massachusetts girl, I've VERY familiar with this story. I didn't vote for him back then...and I sure as heck won't vote for him this time either. Treating an animal like that speaks volumes. And NOT in a good way...

  7. I was just thinking of you the other day, WHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU BEEN? You have been gone FOREVER! So good to see you!

  8. Hey...welcome back. So glad to see you again.

    Poor dog...he was probably scared to death. Should put Romney in a crate and tie him to the top of a car and travel across the country.


  9. Hey you.. welcome back... missed you. Hope all is OK...

  10. Hi April,
    Welcome back!!! I have missed you so much!! I love your post and I so agree!!!
    I have a Weimaraner named Zoie and she is a doll!!!! I lost Bambi last June, she was almost 14.
    Come and visit!!


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