Monday, July 16, 2012

Henry's Curious Interest In Showers

Between Henry and Buster, Henry has always been the most curious of the two. He has no fear of the unknown and has exhibited that by escaping from home for a few minutes, several hours, and finally, six days, only to return home unscathed and ready to explore new territory at any given time. 

The most recent territory of interest has been the shower and will  often wait outside the curtain for me to step out so that he can step in to lick the base of the shower. I've seen several of my cat clients drink from garden hoses, the bathtub faucet, and from plastic cups filled with shaved ice but I've never seen a cat lick the base of the shower until Henry's curiosity was piqued. 

Do your cats have curious drinking/licking habits like Henry and my clients?  If so, what are they? I'd love to read all about them!


  1. Oh no Henry, there is water in there!!!

  2. Oh do post the best replies. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Our cat Moosey always waits outside the shower, too. And if we turn the water from the tub spigot on to a trickle, he will actually stick his head right under it until his head is totally soaked. Our angel cat Graphite used to be fascinated with the shower, too. He and Moosey never knew each other, so we always think that maybe Graphite had something to do with bringing Moosey to us. :)

  4. My sister Moo Shu will NOT drink with her mouth from the water bowl. Instead she dips her paw into the water and then licks her paw. She will stand at the bowl doing this for 5 or 10 minutes!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. this soooo made me smile!!

    It reminded me of my Angel Bobo who used to sit on the toilet just like that while I showered. I used to call him "my little pervert" lol

  6. Meowmeowmans,
    Henry hasn't quite worked up to putting his head under the spigot but I so wish he would hurry up and do that because it is a sight to see! I agree that cats who have passed on do pass along traits to the cats who take his/her place so Graphite probably taught Moosey to drink from the spigot!
    Mr. Pip,
    I've never seen a cat dip his/her paw in the water and then lick his/her paw so I would imagine it would be hysterical to see Moo Shu do that! Thanks for sharing this story!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed this post especially since you are a talented, published writer! Somehow I knew that Henry was not the only cat who waits outside the shower to wait to lick the remaining drips of water! Glad my post brought back good memories!


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