Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Trouble With Furry Alarm Clocks

Ever since classes were dismissed for the summer four weeks ago my pets still believe they are doing me a favor by waking me at 5:30 each morning, including weekends, and I can't seem to break them of this habit no matter how many times I explain that teachers have the summer off and therefore I can sleep until at least 8:00 or longer if they are so inclined.

 Yet, they insist on filling their supposedly starving bellies at the crack of dawn and Daisy can't wait past 5:45 to do her business. And even after four weeks of me climbing back in bed after their routine ends, they still give me that puzzled, disappointed look that you see above. 

When will my furry alarm clocks realize that I'm allowed to sleep past 5:30? When school resumes in the fall?


  1. I don't get it. We have the same issues here when I wake up momma at 5:30 AM on the weekends. What the heck? I think vacation means more time to enjoy the day! Up and at 'em.


  2. I agree, Mango, that my pets are just trying to help me enjoy more hours of my vacation rather than upset my sleep schedule. So much to enjoy out there and I've missed it all over and over again. My pets are probably wondering....when is SHE going to understand that we want her to seize the day?

  3. it is our job silly. We wake mom up at 4:30am 24/7
    Benny & Lily

  4. Benny and Lilly, I couldn't agree more! Every pet needs a job to keep them happy and I think Henry, Buster, and Daisy are very happy to have the most important job of the wake me up so I can enjoy ever pawsible moment with them!

  5. We wake our humans up no later than 5:00am, period! Too much sleep isn't good for them!

  6. Oh bless it's because we want it now and then we can always go back to sleep at a drop of a hat. Lucky us. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Get a couple of Kongs and load them with food or treats before you go to bed and put them in a drawer by the bed or something. Toss them out when you need to and go back to sleep! I go back to school tomorrow, so I'm back on the 5:30 schedule until October! :P

  8. Oh we wake up our Mom at least by 5 AM and sometimes earlier. She might sneak back to bed but then we wake her up again. Too much to do on a new day. Take care.

  9. I'm so glad to read this. People don't believe that even with my clock radio unplugged, my dogs are like, Hey, it's 6:30. Aren't you glad you have us here?

  10. Bawhahahha! That's our job. Of course after MOM feds me and lets me out. I go back to bed while she gets ready for work. It's a nice system, I like it.

  11. ready for this? This is something for you to look forward to. My husband is a retired teacher. He taught Special Ed in Detroit for 36 years. He RETIRED a little over a year ago...sit down...Cody and Dakota STILL wake him up for school!!!!

    It's not gonna end!!! lol

  12. Nope!!!! You are on Daisy and Henry and Buster time! Yay!! LOL! take care

  13. Old Kitty,
    It took 4 weeks to realize that I am on my pet's schedule and not mine!
    I'm in big trouble now that you told that your husband's early morning alarm clock has been going off for over a year! Thanks for the tip!
    I love that you've created a system that works between you and your mom! Too funny!
    Only pet owners understand that we don't need alarm clocks when we have hungry companions by our side.
    Pets are so wise; they know their humans need to seize the day unlike cats who go right back to sleep after being fed!
    Your idea of filling kongs with treats/peanut butter before going to bed is terrific and brilliant! You must be teaching summer school, right? Good luck to you! Glad to read your posts after such a long absence!

  14. Haaaaa!
    I do the same all the time!
    Sorry.... but there are things that MUST be done in time.... everyday!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Haha!

    My human typist is also a teacher, she just had two weeks off for the Australian winter holidays.

    She didn't have to worry about feeding us though, we have another human who has a different job, he continued to get up early and tend to our needs... :P

  16. Lorenza,
    You are so wise to know that humans need to get a lot of things done during the day and that they can't accomplish much if they are sleeping!
    Your typist is lucky to have another human to help with taking you out and feeding you! The only one my pets to rely on is me!


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