Friday, January 7, 2011

Ed, the Basset Hound, Makes The News!

When Ed and I had our chance meeting on December 21, 2010, I never imagined that we would both be featured in the New Hampshire Union Leader 17 days later but it really did happen and I couldn't be more thrilled because that means Ed is one step closer to justice, a new home, and a happier life!

I believe Ed is a survivor and I believe he would not be surprised that he was the subject of so much concern and controversy. I also believe his will to live led him to stand by an abandoned trailer until someone found him and I think he had an enormous will to live, even in his emaciated state.

I have a feeling that Ed would be howling with joy to know that so many people were concerned about him and I think he would love to know that his fight to live touched so many lives.

Even though Ed was more interested in cavorting with Northside Animal Hospital's visitors, I was happy to see Ed in much better health! He gained 5 pounds in approximately 3 weeks!

I also believe Ed was grateful for the veterinarians at Northside Animal Hospital of Manchester, NH, for performing his much-needed bladder stone surgery. I also believe Ed was smart enough to realize that his former owner was not providing the nourishment he needed to survive and I am sure Ed appreciates Northside Animal Hospital for feeding him regularly! 

Cherish your animals. Love them unconditionally. Walk them daily. Feed them everyday. Animals depend on us to live.


  1. Bravo to Ed!


    BRAVO BRAVO to all the nice humans involved -

    Especially WOO!


  2. I am very much thrilled to see that you were given credit for starting Ed's paws down a path that will make his life worth living. No matter where he ends up... he will always know that his guardian angel's name is April McLeod.

  3. Ed has an angel and that angel's name is April!! You go Ed, you go!!!

    Live strong buddy!!

    Big slurps to you April - xo HoneyBuzz

  4. OH April!! You are just amazing!!! Thank you so much for rescuing beautiful Ed!!!! And yay for all these fabulous people and organisations who helped him too!!! But it's all thanks to you!! Yay for Ed!! Look at him now!! Oh what a difference a lot of care and love makes!!

    I have everything crossed that all the legalities will be done and over with asap so Ed could now move on and find the loving and wonderful home and life and family he deserves!! Go Ed!!!

    Take care

  5. You are a wonderful lady. I am so happy, it was you who discovered Ed. Thanks for sharing his story.

  6. It's amazing what dogs will survive and bounce back from to become loving pets, making a new home happy. I've encountered situations where I wasn't able to change anything--I remember a family that made their dog crazy by always tying him up in the front yard but we couldn't convince them this was wrong--so it's gratifying and heartwarming to read your story.

  7. I am so glad to hear that Ed is doing well and recovering. You saved his life. I don't even want to think what would have happened if you didnt arrive. You are such a hero.

  8. Ed looks so good now that he's put on some weight!! You did a really wonderful thing you did saving him. Are you still thinking about possibly adopting him?

    Elyse and Riley

  9. We are so glad that Ed followed you! AND hope for a happy ending. We read about Tank on another blog. Just 2 saved pups. How many more out there.....waiting for people like you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. So So So wonderful to hear Ed is on the road to full recovery!

  11. Wow, that is great! All you see in newspapers here are gossip and tragedies. It's very nice that they were concerned enough to write an article about Ed.

    He does look a lot better in that picture and I hope he'll soon be in a loving family...

  12. To see Ed at the vet's office on Friday afternoon made my heart sing because he was obviously a very happy, healthy boy! As I watched him get in a "let's play" bow posture with every doggy client made me laugh and smile because he certainly did not have the strength or the will to play when I saw him several weeks ago. When he walked toward me I gasped with joy because he was squeaky clean with some extra weight on his bones. I don't know if he remembered me but I will always remember him!

  13. I just found this posting. As a volunteer for basset rescue, this one really touched me. Thank you so much for finding Ed and getting him to safety. He is beautiful.

  14. How wonderful to see Ed looking better already! We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that at the end of the criminal trial he'll be put up for adoption, because you know that if he goes back to that monster, he'll, unfortunately, end up the way he was before. I wonder if there's anything we can all do to help prevent this??

  15. we're sooo glad Ed has been rescued.

  16. Many kudos for you! We had some collies that were in the horrific condition and I even found a dead dog in the peoples yard. I called the animal rescue league and they were taken away.

    Why???? do people do this....


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