Monday, May 2, 2011

Another 'For Sale' Sign, Another Sad Goodbye

One of the saddest things about being a professional pet sitter is when a For Sale sign appears on a client's front lawn because it means that my visits with my four-legged friends are numbered. When I started Teacher's Pet Sitting Service in 2005 the thought of losing four-legged clients due to a move or unexpected death or a change in the owner's economic status never entered my mind but I soon learned how to let go of my friends but saying goodbye still hurts to the core. 

I realize change is inevitable but it didn't make my last walk with two adorable Corgi's, Dewey and Emma any easier because I will no longer

have the pleasure of watching Dewey rid the street of empty water bottles

and I will not giggle as he proudly adds a new bottle to his recycling "bin" anymore.

And I won't observe Dewey's little sister, Emma,  survey the neighborhood from her front lawn or

from her back porch anymore.

It certainly is a sad thing to say goodbye to my furry friends but am comforted knowing that they'll be safe and happy with their mom in their new home in Maine. 

Dewey and Emma, you've made me laugh and now you've made me cry but that is only because I love you both!


  1. Bitter Sweet. Sorry they are going.. butt I am sure they are going to love their new home.

  2. Oh, so sad but with a happy ending.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. It IS hard to let go of Furiends. I feel your pain Teacher.
    Love Noodles

  4. Oh how sad, it must be so hard. I hope they find as good a pet sitter as you have been to them, they are just so cute. Dex & Lou x

  5. They were lucky you were there for them when they needed you. I'll bet they think of you often too!

  6. Awwww. How sad to have the last walk with your furriends. : ((
    Lucky for them, they will be going to a new home to explore!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Chloe, Cecil and Hutch

  7. Oh I am so sorry! Awww lovely Emma and amazing Dewey! Me and Charlie wish them all the best in their new home! We hope they keep in touch with you!! Awww I feel very sad for you - you miss them so much and they miss you too cos you're the best pet sitter ever! Take care

  8. They are sweet, I can see why you'll miss them.

  9. I am so furry sad your two beautiful fur-friends are leaving. They seem like such fun, and such clever pups. Love the recycling Dewey did! Sorry you are sad and are going to miss them.

    I am glad, though, that they will be safe and happy in their new home, and new state. Maybe new pups will move into their old house.


  10. Thank you so much for your words of comfort! I walked them yesterday for an hour and when I brought them inside they hid under the table; not a normal ending to a walk at all so I assume they knew it was their last walk with me. Perhaps the pups weren't ready to say goodbye?
    I plan to visit them as often as I can. Hey, a visit to Maine would be a good excuse for a vacation, right?

  11. Oh no! We wouldn't like that part of the job either
    Benny & Lily

  12. It is always hard to say good-bye when you love them so much.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Awww so hard to say goodbye :(
    Such pretty babies!


    Minnie Moo

  14. we're so sorry theyre moving. saying goodbye is hard

  15. It's always sad saying goodbye.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Wow, they both sounded like great furiends. I'm sure you will miss them, but you have lots of memories. Love the recycling!
    Grr and a Sad Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  17. Awww, they are so adorable; all of them! You know, I feel the same about my students...people are so transient nowadays; friendships are hard.
    Since you are a pet lover, stop on over at my blog and see if you can help me out...
    thanks in advance!

  18. Saying goodbye is always one of the hardest things to do. Hopefully you'll be able to stay in touch with them.

  19. awww, dewey 'n miss emma sound like grrreat friendz. i'm sorry that they are gonna have to move away. :(

    the booker man

  20. I don't know how you do it that would be SO HARD!

    Your pal, Pip


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