Monday, March 7, 2011

Love And Loss: A Domino Effect

Two weekends ago I discovered an eligible bachelor named Domino who was wandering from one front yard to the other, seemingly lost and lonely in the "mean" streets of Bedford, but as soon as he noticed

little Roxie Hart (yes, she was named after THE Roxie Hart, the vaudeville "Chicago" starlet) and big sister Sadie (too bad her name wasn't Velma for the sake of my story) he forgot his troubles and followed them home.

While the girls gave Domino a tour of the house I had other concerns. First of all, why did Domino have an 802 area code on his tag when he is living in area code 603? And how long had he been away from his owners?

The girls knew something was up when I started dialing Domino's mystery phone number and after three unanswered calls I was in a panic. I couldn't allow Domino to move into Roxie and Sadie's house indefinitely because I was just the pet sitter, not their owner. 

I also knew I couldn't take Domino home with me in between visits with the girls so I did the next best thing; I called the Bedford police and within minutes an officer was at the door.

Apparently Domino had never been tied up  leashed by an officer before so he thought it was wildly funny until

he was escorted to the backseat of the squad car followed by his girls who couldn't figure out why they couldn't go along for the ride.

I felt so guilty to have ended Roxie and Sadie's budding romance in such an abrupt manner especially when I later found out that Domino's house was just around the corner from them. 

As it turned out, Domino's pet sitter let him wander unsupervised just after his owner's drove off to visit friends in NYC and since Domino wasn't getting the attention he deserved he chose us to entertain him! 

When his owner finally returned my calls she glibly stated that "Domino is just Domino" and he had toured the neighborhood many times and "there's no stopping him" from visiting everyone. I was shocked that she didn't think her pet sitter was to blame for Domino's disappearance! What pet sitter wouldn't know that a dog would wander off if left unattended?  

Fortunately for all concerned, Domino found two Bichons and a pet sitter who took his wandering eyes (and legs, for that matter) very seriously or else he might not have been returned home at all! Thankfully, Domino was safe (I hope) at his home that evening and I am sure the girls have reunited with Mr. Right....Now.....often!


  1. That is kind of scary. First off the owners don't seem too concerned, but a pet sitter that just opens the door and lets out the dog gives the whole profession a bad name. Glad you were there to help.

    Mango Momma

  2. This is so sad...but again, thank goodness you came to the rescue.

  3. Poor lonely Domino. Can't believe some people just let their dogs least they did get him a pet sitter and didn't drop him off at the pound or something.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Poor Domino!! Silly irresponsible owners and pet sitter to leave him like so!! When I got my Charlie the kind woman who had taken him in said that his owners didn't really pay him any attention so he would just be left out to roam and roam he did. So when I got him I was told "he likes to go and stay outside". Well I've since discovered that the more attention I give him, the more he likes to stay in. These days he'd much rather be indoors with me fussing over him than outside.

    I think the same will go for poor Domino. He's roaming outside and trying to find company because he ain't got any from his owners!!! Poor Domino!!! I feel so sad for him!! Thank you for looking out for him though - he could have got ran over or be in an accident if it weren't for you and these gorgeous girls!! Take care

  5. That's why sometimes, it is dangerous to let your pets be cared by someone that does not own the animals nor know how to properly care & be responsible for them.

    I'm glad to know he's back home though. Sigh. He looks pretty well cared & I'm sure his owners love him.

  6. I'm glad he got back home... Lucky for him you helped. So many people just don't get it do they?

  7. Some people just don't think about the ramifications of their actions. Unfortunately, this doesn't sound like a "wake-up" call to either the owner or the pet-sitter.

  8. Domino is very lucky to have found you, but we can't help but wonder what is going to happen to him the next time, and we all know there WILL be a next time, given that owner's attitude:( Paws crossed for Domino to be safe.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. It sounds like Domino would make an excellent pet sitter himself -- he could just go from home to home keeping lonely dogs company! Maybe he could become an assistant!

  10. Domino is a beautiful pup! Thank goodness he has an eye for the ladies (the beautiful Roxie and Sadie!) and thus had the good fortune of having you help him find his way home. I can't believe the humans were so nonchalant about his wondering, and that his Pet Sitter was so irresponsible. What if he had gotten hit by a car? Scary.

    I agree with Rottover, Domino would make a great Pet Sitter Asst.!


  11. I heard this story before about a pet sitter opening a door and the girls 2 year old Boston Terrier was struck by a car and killed. what are people thinking
    Benny & Lily

  12. Mommy would NOT be happy with our pet sitters if we were left to wander unattended. We are happy to hear that Domino found such a responsible pet sitter who helped him be safe :)
    Maddy and Owen

  13. Some people's kids! Who thinks that is ok? You did so go to take him in. As others have said our mom would not at all be happy with the pet sitter that did that!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  14. We're so glad Domino found you all! The owners always take a chance when dogs run free. Cars are the scary thing. Let's hope the owners wake up to Domino's needs! You guys rock!

  15. wow, what an incredible story with a good ending. You did the good deed of the day, by helping another canine in distress. Great job!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge Cop

  16. That was a fun story; glad Domino was not homeless:)

  17. That's just too scary for words. If I didn't see one of my furkids, I would go into total panic mode. We have our yard double fenced with chain link fence and also an added privacy fence on their smaller yard. And...the only time they go out by themselves to their yard is for potty breaks. The rest of the time they're curled up in every corner of the house. I just can imagine having a dog "unattended" and running around loose. That's a sure way to a very short life.

    Amber's Mom

  18. YIKES!!!! This is why I am terrified to go on vacation without my pets. I loose sleep worrying about them. Thank goodness his story turned out ok. Tisk tisk, pet sitter. Unacceptable. At least your two girls got a little eye candy for the day.

    Kitty and Coco's Mom

  19. I'm relieved to hear that the situation turned out all right, but I think I would be furious with a pet sitter who just let me dog wander off. Isn't that their responsibility? Is it just me, or is that what they're getting paid for?

  20. we hope they keep him home. its not good for him to be out alone wandering around. what if something had happened to him. were glad you did the right thing. poor thing.

  21. We are so glad to hear he made it back home, though I wouldn't be to happy with that pet sitter.

    Rudy's Raiser

  22. I'm glad Domino was able to get back home! It's a scary world out there!

    Woofs & hugs,



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