Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome To Our "Thankful Fur 3 Friends" Blog Hop!

What is Thankful Fur 3 Friends Thursday? Well, Daisy, Buster, and Henry are glad you asked because they have all the answers!

  • For starters, Daisy, Buster, and Henry want to meet new friends and they heard that blog hops are the way to do it!
    • If you are a brand new follower be sure Daisy, Buster, and Henry can see your face at the top of the page (via Google Friend Connect) because if you do that then your face will be seen right here next Thursday!   
    •  Remember, if you are one of the first 3 friends who publicly follow our blog TODAY you will be seen right here next Thursday!
    • Be sure to leave a comment requesting to be featured next week ALONG WITH  permission to snatch a photo from your blog OR you can email one to us. 
    •  Last but not least, YOU MUST follow our blog and our hostess, Feeling Beachie, and we will follow you back! We promise!

    This blog hop is not only for new friends but current friends as well so don't be shy! Introduce yourself, make new friends, and have fun! 

    1. These one-eyed kitties, Murphy and Danny, will never be lonely in the Pawprints of My Heart house because they have 7 other cats and 8 dogs to keep them purring,meowing, and running for cover throughout the day! With 17 pets under one roof I'd say that love is in every corner of Dee's house!

    2. Rudy is a  Goldador (Lab/golden cross) who is in training to be a guide dog for the blind. Rudy goes to a school called Southeastern Guide Dogs where his trainer will keep him between 1-2 years and then he  heads off to harness training and then he will be a constant companion to a very lucky blind person forever!

    3. Bailey must be a distraction on her road trips because she is obviously the best dressed pug on the block. I'm guessing she receives her fair share of compliments, treats, and hugs throughout the day and she deserves them all because she is just too cute!


    1. That is on fine bunch of friends, I went by with a howdy!!!

    2. Hey April... I just saw your comment, and added the linky to my site.... Happy Thursday! Please email me your address so I can send you an Alex bumper sticker....I can't wait to meet our new friends!

    3. hay hay, I look forward to checking out your Blog a bit more this weekend, Have a great Blessed day to you and yours and do snag a picture, I look forward to seeing which one you choose?


    4. Having 1 1-eye cat is unusual, but 2-1 eyed cats is rare. Both are sweet looking boys. Looks like birds of a feather flock together....

      Good Luck Rudy! Good luck in your quest to help the blind.

      Bailey is ready for Valentines Day and shes a cute sweetheart to go with it.

    5. hay hay again, from The Best is yet to come, I seem to be a bit Blog , PC challenged this morning, I looked for an email to no avail to answer your comment on my blog, feel free to snag a picture or do the blog thingy with my Blog. Oh and the little dog no longer lives next door. thanx again for visiting! I look forward to your next Thursday posting, I MUST set a reminder,

      the best is yet to come!!!

    6. Furry thanks for posting about Rudy, we are glad to be one of your furry cool friends!

      Rudy's Raiser

    7. I enjoyed scrolling through the photos--and the snow photos of the previous post! Very delightful!!
      Ann Best, Author

    8. Aw wow!! Such beautiful beautiful bloggie furfriends!!! Awww they're so adorable and me and Charlie are so happy to meet them! Thank you! Take care

    9. Thanks for introducing some good looking friends.. We are off to meet them

    10. I love that you do this, what a great way to meet new people! :) I am certianly following away!


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