Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sitting In With Dr. Daisy And Her 1st Barkaholic Patient, Dakota

I've only been the Official Barkaholics Counselor of Blogville for a few weeks and the stress has already started to show on my face! I swear that my firm jowls are starting to look saggy! And my eyes don't look different at all are puffy from reading thousands one response from my Official Barkaholic Questionnaire! 

But after reading Dakota Gittleman's questionnaire answers I forgot all about my problems phobias and focused on the issues at paw....barkaholism! 

Please know that I am not breaking any patient/doctor confidentiality agreements by sharing this interview with you. All information has been pawmitted by Dakota himself.Amen.

Hi Dr.Daisy! I hope you can help me! I am almost 4 years old and I am a Sheltie ('nuff said right?) and I have a huge problem with barking!! (or so my neurotic Mommy (from Cat Chat says!)

1. When did you first realize that you were addicted to barking? 

 I first noticed I had a barking problem practically since I was born. It is in my lineage.

2. Is barking making your humans and neighbors unhappy? 

Making them unhappy? That is an understatement!! My Mom is a raging lunatic when I go on my barking binges. I bark at open garage doors, people walking outside, the mailman, other dogs, when my Mom stirs eggs, when she opens a can (with a hand held opener), when the Chihuahua across the hall goes outside to go to the bathroom (he wears bells on his collar that signal his departure) and I go insane. I could go on and on!

3. Do you think you have to bark in order to protect your turf or your humans? 

Of course I think I have to bark to protect my humans. That is my lineage. I am a Sheltie. I am a herding/working dog. My neighbor understands me and says I am like 24 hr security.

4. Is barking affecting your reputation? 

Yes. Everyone thinks I am psychotic. They don't realize that I am the most loving and gentle dog under normal circumstances.

5. Have you ever felt remorse after barking? 

Well...maybe sort of. When I finish a barking binge I will sometimes cough after I work myself into a frenzy, then I it really worth it???

6. Have you been sent to the dog house as a result of your barking? How did that make you feel?

No. I have never been sent to the doghouse. We live in a condo and I don't have a doghouse. BOL.

7. Do you feel most comfortable with other barkaholics than with non-barkers? 

I sort of like other barkaholics....we speak to each other.

8. Do you crave barking at a definite time daily? When?

Ohhhh yes! I am primarily an early evening barker. That is when I really kick in!! I also love to bark when my Mom plays "Wheel Of Fortune" on Facebook. She does that after dinner. The sounds take me over the edge. I can bark throughout an entire evening if I really put my mind to it.

9. Have your humans recommended any no-bark products to help you kick the habit? 

My Mom wanted to but my Dad is the nicer of the two and he won't allow it. My Mom wanted to get a shock collar. My Dad says that is mean. I think it is also.

10. Have your loved ones ever organized a barking intervention in your behalf? If so, what was the result?

No, not yet. The thought HAS crossed their minds. That is why we are contacting YOU!

11. Do you bark to escape from boredom?

Sometimes I think I do. Sometimes I just like the sound of my bark. It can be nice and shrill...the better to send my Mom into a frenzy with.

12. Do you bark alone? Or do you have barking buddies? 

I usually bark alone. But the Chihuahua and I really let it rip when strangers come into our building....there are 2 other dogs in our building too but we take pride in being the most neurotic and that we bark the loudest. One thing though...when all of the other dogs stop barking I continue at least another 20 minutes after they have stopped.

Dr. Daisy's diagnosis

I feels your pain, Dakota, and I am here to help! Furst of all, I raise my paws to you fur admitting that you have a barking problem because that is a huge step towards recovery! Also, the fact that you held a pencil in your paw long enough to fill out a questionnaire shows that you are really serious about recovering from your addiction. 

BUTTT....the one thing I did not sense is that your mom may not be taking your barking very seriously and I sense that she has  added to your problem rather than helping by playing "Wheel of Fortune" on-line. Couldn't she turn the volume to "mute", fur goodness sakes? 

Butt----you, my furend, are part of the problem too and I haves a few suggestions fur you. First, I suggest that you take your mom fur a walk when "Wheel of Fortune" comes on or maybe you could walk her before the show so you're nice and mellow when she's playing the game (without sound, of course). Second, since you love herding so much why don't you sign up for sheep herding classes? Wouldn't that be furry fun? We have a doggie daycare here in NH (American K9 Country) where those classes full up fast and furious so I bet there's some herding classes in your neck of the woods! I hope my advice helped butt I'm sure other furends will join in on the group therapy session today with more suggestions! Right, furends?
What I suggest is GROUP THERAPY....SO LET'S BEGIN RIGHT NOW! Who has some advice to offer?


  1. I says dere is only one solution to dis barking problem. Tell your Mom to buys bouts a year's worth of chicken (da boneless kind for safety...don't want to be scolded by da Health and Safety secretaries of Blogville). Every time you start da barking frenzy...Mom just pops a bowl of da chicken in front of you's. Problem solved! BOL

  2. We only bark when the door bell ring. I just wanted to let you know we have a great giveaway on today's post. Come check it out.

  3. Bravo... DAISY Job well done.
    Congratulations to your patient fur ... admitting to the "situation" and seeking YOU fur counseling and comfort. I see a quiter future fur him. His mom... not so much. I'm just sayin'. hehehe

  4. Awww beautiful Dakota!!! Thank you for sharing this here with the wonderful Doctor Daisy!! Me and Charlie are in awe at her diagnosis! We also think you bark because you have reasons to bark and it's the only way you communicate what you are feeling!! We hope you and your mum and dad have a good sit down and get together with wonderful Daisy's analysis and open the lines of communication!! Please remove all thoughts and talk of shock collars and such like!! They are not nice!!!

    Good luck and take care

  5. Dr. Daisy, we agree with you...we think it is Dakota's mom that has the real problem!! Good job to Dr. Daisy (and Dakota for admitting there was a problem!).

    Elyse and Riley

  6. Hi All! It is Dakota here! I want to thank you for replying to answers to your questions soooo quickly!

    I am dictating and my mom is typing for me cause I am not allowed to sit at the kitchen table.

    My Mom thinks everyone's advice is excellent and she wants to thank you for opening her eyes and correcting her. She is going to try turning the bell off on "Wheel of Fortune"...that should help a little bit. As for the Chihuahua across the hall...we doubt they will remove the bells but ya never know!
    @Old Kitty, sooooo happy you are here! No worries! My Mom was NEVER, EVER serious about a shock collar....she really is a softie when it comes to me and my kitty brother and her own BARK is worse than her bite. She would never, ever do anything like that to me! She just says it when she is upset. She loves me very, very much!
    We don't have any pictures of me barking but my mom says if she can get her lazy butt in gear she will try to send you a better photo...she didn't realize she sent this yucky one, I am much more handsome than that!!
    My mom also tweeted this wonderful post and she put it on Facebook. We loved it!!!!
    We love all of you and thank you for opening my mom's eyes...
    Love, Dakota and "Mom"

  7. Hello! A good week to you.

    Woof,woof, Chicco

  8. I am no help what so eva as I am not only barkin but whingin, whinin, grumblin, yellin and howlin all da time at da moment Sorry.

    xx xx

  9. Way to go, Dr. Daisy! You are a real pawfessional!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Dear Dakota's Mom,
    I am sooo glad your eyes have been opened about Dakota's issues with the noises that come on every time you play "Wheel of Fortune" and I hope you will let me know if the noises were what caused the problem of barking. I really hope you will look into enrolling Dakota into a sheep herding class because I like sheep and I like watching them go into their pens...but wait!...this isn't about ME, is it? Well, you should enroll Dakota in a class for Dakota and not for me, of course, but do tell me how he likes it there, okay? I cannot wait to see some more pictures of you, really, and I will post them fur you on this blog post!
    Take care....Dr. Daisy

  11. Hi Dr.Daisy!

    I played "Wheel of Fortune" tonight WITHOUT the sounds!! Of course...NO BARKING!! Thank you!

    But...we have no control over the Chihuahua across the hall who is bedecked in bells...(who would put a BOY dog in bells anyway? That is a topic for another blog lol)....sooo that barking will continue, also when garage doors are opened etc, etc.

    We did enroll Dakota in two classes that he really didn't care for...we think that part of the problem is, Dakota thinks he is a CAT. lol. He lives with his brother Cody who is always indoors and Dakota prefers to spend his time inside with him!

    As I am writing there is complete and beautiful SILENCE...wait...I spoke too soon....Taco Bell Boy just came into the hallway...oh and NOOOO we can't move! (but we would sure like to!!)

    I did email you some more photos but I have none of Dakota actually barking!

    Thanks again for all of your help!
    Love, "Mom" and Dakota

  12. Oh, noooo! A Taco Bell Boy in the hallway??? How do all 3 of you live with soooo much distraction? I can say that if I was living in a condo I would probably break my silence and start barking and I am so glad I don't live down the hall from you (no offense) or else you would think I was a Barkaholic fraud! BOL! I mean, NBOL (no bark out loud)!
    I am super pleased that the soundless "Wheel of Fortune" trial worked tonight! What a relief! I am sure all of your neighbors were happy for the quiet!
    My mom was busy working today so she hasn't had a chance to check my email (oh the indignity!) to post the pics but they will be up fur all to see soon!
    xoxo....Dr. Daisy

  13. I bark sometimes, if I see a truck. :)

  14. Pocket and I bark when Mommy and Daddy hug. Can you make them stop?

  15. Holy Crap!!! You obviously did not sign the confidentiality form
    Benny & Lily

  16. @Benny & Lily LMAO!!! OMC I loved your comment!

  17. OMC! I'm so enjoying this! This is so hilarious. purrr....meow!

  18. Daisy - you're therapee skills are pawsome! Frankie said we should come to you with a little problem "one" of us has. Are you taking new nut cases, um, we mean "patients"?

    The Road Dogs

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