Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Today's Pug Walk Will Be Bittersweet

Because Daisy happens to live with two professional pet sitters she has been socialized with a variety of dogs in the past year and we know she looks forward to walking with every single one of them. However, the two dogs that she favors the most are her PFF's (Pug Friends Forever), Ace and Fenway.

Over the course of one year my heart would go pitter patter every time they flashed their toothy smiles ....

and my eyes got misty as I watched them share quiet moments on the front lawn ...

and my ears  rang as I heard the little ones fight for Daisy's  attention...

But the one thing my entire body won't enjoy is when I look into Ace and Fenway's eyes at noon today because it will be the last time Daisy and I walk them on a weekly basis. 

I am hoping the economy will turn around so that their mom is able to hire us again but in the meantime we'll look forward to seeing the pugs at the local dog park, etc. Daisy has been their pal for a little over a year but I've known them for 3 years so you can imagine how empty my life will be without them!
Please think of us today and please cross your paws that Daisy will be walking with her PFF's again soon!


  1. I feel for you - I always hated to find out a pet sitting client would not be using me anymore - I would always miss the little ones I sat for. You will see the pugs again.

  2. Oh, such wonderful pictures of them. Yes, I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you can walk with them again soon. Have a great day and a great weekend.

    pawhugs... Max

  3. Awww, we are pugs too and we LOVE every dog we meet. We will keep our puggy toes crossed that the economy turns around and they can all hang out together again!


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. Oh Daisy, your puggie furrends are so cute! I can see why you are going to miss em!

  5. Cute Dausy. It must be those smokable faces you are attracted too
    Benny & Lily

  6. I've doubled croassed them, front and back, attractive, eh!

  7. I can understand how you would miss them, they make me smile just seeing their pictures!

  8. Thank you for crossing your paws and your toes for us to be able to walk the pugs again on a regular basis! I hope Ace and Fenway's mom wins the lottery or something else really drastic because we are going to miss those cuties something awful!
    Our last walk today lasted over an hour; I spoiled them by taking them to a trail they've never been to before. Daisy was loving every minute with her pals and just for today I didn't mind that she barked because that's what she does when she's very, very happy!

  9. We have our paws crossed.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. Me and Charlie have everything crossed that sweet Daisy will soon be walking with her bestest pals Fenway and Ace! We purr and send hugs to you and to the sweet pugs' family too!!

    Take care and hugs too!

  11. That is so, so sad. We'll cross our paws, tails and everything else that you and Daisy will be able to walk again with Fenway and Ace.

  12. What cute pictures and what a sad day for you...I hope that this is not the end of a sweet friendship.

  13. Thanks for visiting me on Halloween Spooktacular! I sure hope you will be able to walk again with your two best friends, Daisy!


  14. I have my paws crossed too. Daisy's PFF are so cute.


  15. Aww so sweet! My Sadie love every dog she meets too.

  16. Oh thats so sad, I do hope Daisy gets to meet up with them in the park.
    See Yea George xxx

  17. Ohhhhhh this is soooo sad!! Poor Daisy! Hopefully things will get better so the PFF's can reunite again soon!

  18. we hope yur back ta walkin them again soon too. maybe Daisy can still visit as a furriend.


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