Saturday, September 25, 2010

What The "Show Us Your Tongue Contest" Means To Henry

Would you believe that Henry has been sulking inside his favorite afghan for the entire week? Yes, it is true and the reason for that is because all of Blogville has traded their focus from him to focus on National Dog Week and to Twinkie's "Show Us Your Tongue Contest" instead. Since Henry is a C-A-T he doesn't understand what the fuss is all about and he certainly cannot understand why the dogs have been sticking their tongues out at him everyday. As any good cat-mom would do, I told Henry that the dogs couldn't possibly be sticking out their tongues at him and that their tongues were for contest purposes only. Despite my words of comfort, Henry still believes that all of his former dog friends are ill-mannered bullies who deserve one thing ....

a good tongue lashing!

P.S. I hope all of Henry's *ahem* former doggy friends will forgive Henry for being so rude to you. He is just a jealous cat who secretly wishes he was a dog with your privileges. If you have a moment would you mind telling Henry that you were not sticking your tongue out at him? It would mean the world to him and he just might forgive you for his tongue lashing!  Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Henry's embarrassed mother,


  1. That's a very funny picture Henry!!!

  2. Henry, that is one awesome raspberry!

    I was not sticking my tongue out at you, I was just really enjoying that water! Morgan, well, her tongue is so long that her mouth can't contain it. And Blueberry thinks it's hot on a brisk April morning. She was just hot and bothered! Nobody was thinking about you at all when we took those pictures!


  3. Great picture of Henry

  4. Henry you are adorable!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. You know that Twinkie's contest was open to other species, right? I'm not sure if it's over or not now, but despite it being National Dog Week, Henry could enter the contest. And why not?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Henry, you look cute with your tongue sticking out! :)

  7. Love the pictures!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  8. Henry-

    Not bad! You should enter the contest...who knows??


  9. Awwwww sweet Henry!!! You are not to be out-tongued by your doggy friends!! Good for you! Me and Charlie think you ought to win the competition outright - kind of like Babe the film!:-)

    Take care

  10. Henry, you're one crazy cat! Haven't you noticed all the cats sticking their tongues out? Doesn't you mom ever take you out for cat blog visits? Don't worry bud, you can throw that afghan away. You're among friends. Good luck with the contest!

  11. We love your tongue and we don't think you're rude at all, Henry! Mom is loving your granny square blankie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Well, like most cats I know, you are thinking that it is all about you, am I right? So, no, I was not sticking my tongue out at you and I actually think your entry is most excellent.


  13. Hello,
    It's Henry here and I am very touched by your thoughtful and funny comments and I feel much better now! Silly me fur thinking the worst of my doggy pals and fur thinking that the whole Blogoverse revolves around ME.
    I did know that cats were invited to the SHOW YOUR TONGUE CONTEST but at the time I thought the contest should ONLY be for cats but now that I know that the dogs STILL like me I'm okay with all of the dog contestants....soooo I hope the best man or lady wins!

  14. MOL! MOL! MOL!!!! I can hear the "raspberries" sound right now!!!!! Love it!

  15. Henry, we 12 cats think you have a verreh nice tongue and our opinion is not to be sneered at.
    Do you feel better?

  16. O Henry, I like the way you hold your licker!

    wif love from the Luke

  17. Poor Henry! I promise I wasn't sticking my tongue out at you. I lives with 2 kittehs, you know, and that kinda cheekiness would not go over very good at all!

    But, um, I DO luvs YOUR tongue! It's just Most Adorable!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. hey, i fink your tongue is pawsome dude!!!

  19. hahahaha Henry yur too khute. yoo luk bery comfy in yur afghan.


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