Monday, June 21, 2010

A Mystery Gift From Frankie

Hi Everybuddy, It's me, Daisy, and I want to introduce you to my long-haired dachshund furriend, Frankie, who sent me this e-mail: I am going to put you into my Paw it Forward list.. and need to be able to send you a little something. OK??? I have your peemail addy butt that won't get your pressie to you. PLEEEEEESE send your addy in a PeeMail... don't want everybuddy knowing where you live... they might Prank you and send a box of squirrels. I give you my PAWmous NOT to do THAT!

So of course my mom and I were very excited on Friday to see Frankie's package at our doorstep but....

when my mom looked inside the package she thought Frankie sent the wrong Paw It Forward gift. I mean, what on earth am I supposed to do with a motor oil funnel, anyway? My pawrents won't allow me to sit behind the wheel so I just couldn't understand why Frankie would send me such a weird present! mom sent an e-mail to Frankie asking him "what in the heck" Daisy is supposed to do with this and this is what he said:

Daisy, That is a Cow's Milky Thingy. They have been all the RAGE for about 6 months. They are actually a part of a milking machine. BUTT we Dawgs just love to play with them. My mom puts a little bit of peanut butter or... squirt cheese in the ends and I have a BLAST getting it out. Then I play with the thingy for a long time after that. You can shake them and bend them and play catch. They bounce all funny and exciting like. You do need to have your mom watch out that you don't chew Parts of it off though.

Soooo...thanks to Frankie's advice, my mom put peanut butter on the cow milky thingy and...

I was in doggie heaven! Just look at me trying sooo hard to lick that peanut butter! Mmmmmm!

Thanks to Frankie and his mom (even though she did not explain ANYTHING in a note about this cow milky thingy) I am loving this pawsome toy!



  1. What a fun gift!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. One word....NOMMY!!!!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  3. Me Too,Me thingie is a hollow ball shaped plastic PB holder with holes at either end...I know right as we talk that there is one in the freezer waiting for me....oh my!!

  4. Looks like a cool toy! :)
    ~Milly and Shelby

  5. All Righty then!! Now you know what to do with it when it is filled with P.B.. Next you can start shaking and throwing and running and stuffs like that with it. I'll be ok with your mom too, beclaw... it's nice and soft and she won't be all like, "No No Daisy... don't run with that. You'll poke your eye out."
    I hope you have a TON of Fun with your Cow's milky thingy. I know I do with mine.
    PeeS. your furend Nanna D came over to my blog and left some really nice Pawments. I tried to go to her blog, butt she has TWO of em and I didn't know which one she wanted me to go to.... SOOOO since she is your neighbor and all... will you please please have her leave me another pawment and tell me which one. ANY furend of YOURS... is a furend of MINE!!!!! I just hope she won't hold it against me that I have a butt scooter for a mom. You know what the two leggers say... you can sniff your butt, butt you can't pick your family.

  6. That thingy is like our kongs.....just stranger looking. We JUST got some peanut butter today, but haven't tried it yet.

    Frankie said his Mum forgot the directions! Glad you found out what it was.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. I wouldn't have known what it was either! BOL!


  8. It's a Kow Kong! That looks like heaps of fun. We go for hours when she stuffs it with that sausagy stuff...

  9. I'd be so excited I'd almost pee on the carpet if somebody sent me a box of squirrels! Oh the fun I could have!

    BOL! Those cow milky things do look like fun! Poor Frankie needs to hire a secretary from what I hear!


  10. I seem to remember other posts about that thingy, but I would have been just as puzzled if it had just arrived like that. I'm glad you're enjoying it now.

    wags, Lola

  11. i really was thinking it must be a sort of tricky toy.. n yes.. now mom doesn't have to care whether you chew it away or you just kept it for further licks..


  12. Adorable Frankie sent you a cool gift, Daisy, but we're glad you explained it to us because we had no idea what it was!...You learn something new everyday, eh, sweet girl?!!...kisses x3 beautiful friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. That was a very nice present you got! We would have had no idea what it was either but we could see you had fun once your mom knew to put something yummy inside.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  14. Ahahahahaha..I knew it was you that needed directions. Uh, you knews, its purty bad when you need directions to play withs a toy but leaves that to Frankie...hehehehe!
    We has never been ables to find those thing-a-ma-bobs but I has heard they is all da rave these days.
    I can't believes his crazy mom furgots to put a note in dat package...or even a pikture...sheeeeez!

  15. SNORTS!!!!

    Daisy!! Yousa hads my Mommy laughing so hards!! Yous and yous Mommy are funnies!! My Mommys 'da same!! She would be all wondering whats to do too wits 'dat thingy!! Hee Hee!!
    Yous enjoy yous new toy from Frankie Valli's and Peanut Butters is the word!!
    Izzy, Josie &
    Anakin Man

  16. Hi Daisy,

    That cow milky thing does look pawsome, what a neat gift from Frankie!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. BOL!!! I NEVER would have guessed Cow Milky Thingy. Frankie really gave his mom some teasing for forgetting the note of explanation! I can only imagine your mom's puzzled look!


  18. Oh what a fun present! Momma thought it looked like a good treat hider too. I hope you enjoyed your peanut butter.
    Daisy Mae

  19. Frankie & his mom are so sweet to send you a cow milky thingy. It looks like lots of fun.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  20. Hello Everybuddy!
    It's me, Daisy, and I am soooo glad you all got some laughs about my Cow Milky Thingy butt when my mom opened the package neither one of us was impressed! BOL!
    My mom is a bit ditzy when it comes to understanding how things work and she's never milked a cow in her life soooo she assumed Frankie sent us a motor oil funnel...furr real!
    Thanks to Frankie (with ZERO help from his mom), I am licking peanut butter off my new toy everyday!
    Daisy the Coonhound

  21. BOL! I just loves this bloggie post!

    I haves to admit that my moms would have had the same reaction as yours did, Daisy! I cans only imagine what was going through her head when she thoughts Frankie sent a MOTOR OIL FUNNEL.....BOL!!!

    On further does looks like a pawsome pressie. But ifs I am looking at it right, that is the 'thing' that hangs off the momma Well, I'll be John Brown! Nows that is what I call some creative recycling!


  22. Peanut butter,peanut butter I just love Peanut Butter, nice prezie.
    See Yea George xxx


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