Saturday, March 13, 2010

Double the Pleasure

When I think about Jag, a pleasantly plump black lab, and his tennis ball obsessed yellow lab brother, Rover, a huge smile comes across my face because they are the most enthusiastic dogs I have ever met. They simply overflow with excitement from the moment I close my car door and make my journey up the steps to their front door! The dogs are not only squealing but they are also yelping with pure joy at the thought of charging past me to run into their yard. 

You would think that a greeting from two labs who weigh at least 80 pounds each would intimidate a wiry 100-something pound female dog walker but instead I welcome the sloppy wet kisses, the huge front paws that find their way to my shoulders, the desperate grunts and groans, and the full-body wiggling with intense delight. I am fully aware that many dog trainers and dog owners would reprimand me for allowing Jag and Rover to be so rambunctious but since their owners are on a desert island far, far away, they need all the love and attention they can get and I would like to think their owners would agree.


  1. I am sure they are happy to see you every time you go there with them!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. They certainly do love their visits! I'd love to take you for a walk sometime but NH is far, far away from Mexico!

  3. Jag isn't pleasantly plump. He's big boned. At least that's what my lab Mikey always says to me,.


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