Thursday, February 25, 2010

Henry, My First Furry Child

I think fate brought Henry and I together because if I hadn't graduated with my master's in elementary education at Pensacola Christian College in July 1998 I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been hired as a reading and writing adjunct at Pensacola Junior College,, in August where I became friendly with a cat-loving secretary who just so happened to have a litter of kittens needing new homes. Of course, as soon as I laid eyes on little Henry, I was in love. What can I say? He had me at meow!

Since his adoptive life started out on a college campus, I am convinced that Henry's favorite hobby is reading because he loves to be right beside me when I read a book, magazine, or newspaper. 

Another favorite of Henry's is exploring the outdoors; he steps into his harness, trots down the stairs to a grassy spot while I tie the leash to my lawn chair, and off he goes to observe his surroundings. 

There are so many other things to say about Henry but I will save them for future posts so stay tuned!


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