Thursday, November 9, 2017

Goodbye Dear Potato. Know That You Were Loved.

I am nearly three weeks late to announce that my beloved, silly, and affectionate pal, Potato, was put to sleep on October 21st because a cancerous mass was growing rapidly  inside his nostrils causing him to have difficulty breathing, eating, and sleeping to the point where 

 all he wanted to do was rest on the very pillow that he once claimed as his own during healthier days only months before. 

This picture was taken in July (my first pet sitting assignment) while I laughed and told him he was silly for claiming a pillow that belonged to his little puggle sister,

  Sammi, when his big pillow was only a few steps away from him! As you can see, Sammi took the joke in stride and I thought the whole scenario was hilarious!

In his last days he chose to breathe through his nostrils rather than through his mouth which caused his nose to bleed at an alarming rate. Selfishly, I wanted him to be in this world a little longer but I know his parents made the right choice to end his suffering before it got worse.

While I sat with him on October 20 his parents told me that they treated him to a walk on one of his favorite trails followed by a trip to an ice cream stand shortly before he passed away but shortly afterwards he started going downhill which led to the painful decision to have him put to sleep sooner than later.

It was an honor for Daisy and me to see Potato the day before he died because we only knew him for less than four months! Even though he was weakened by pain and lack of sleep he briefly stood up and wagged his tail right before we walked away from his handsome face for the last time. 

I remember awkwardly saying goodbye to him several times without ever once coming to grips that it REALLY was the last time I'd ever see his handsome face. Now, nearly three weeks later I wish I had the chance to say goodbye with reality in mind but I suppose the "goodbye, I hope to see you soon" was the way it was meant to happen for us. 

On Daisy's last visit with Potato (not pictured, of course) she bounded right over to him fully expecting him to be his usual playful self but when he didn't budge from his pillow Daisy kept barking at Sammi in confusion until I finally had to hook Daisy outdoors for a few minutes to calm down. As soon as I brought her back inside she kept her feet firmly planted on the floor while staring directly at the door rather than at Potato. What a contrast to the happy faces you see from September's picture! 

This fella was passed over for adoption many times because of his age and his history of tumors but I'm so happy his parents gave him a stable, happy home full of love, laughter, and plenty of yummy meals in his golden years! 

Rest in peace, dear Potato! You were loved!

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