Tuesday, April 30, 2019

13 Friends Who've Been Keeping Me Busy

I have been absent from blogging lately because I have been busy with the following thirteen friends so I hope you can tell from looking at the faces why I was so distracted! 

The above picture is of Del who had the name Beethoven prior to adoption! 

Next up is quiet and curious Oakley! 

Then there was snuggly Maisey.

Then there was Maggie who looks forward to her midday walks.

Then there was thoughtful Smoke.

And my new friend, Betty! 

Louis and his sibling, 

Bucky, saw me while mom was out of town.

Then there was Lucy who's mom was away on a business trip.

Then there was Nori who always looked forward to her walks.

Rhody got plenty of belly rubs from me! 

Binx was busy waiting for me to get her some treats.

And finally there was silly Molly posing with my dog, Daisy.

As you can see, there was plenty of cuteness to go around with these thirteen pets!

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