Friday, June 15, 2018

My Visit With Author, Tom Ryan, and His Dogs, Samwise and Emily

On Wednesday night I treated myself to a trip to Exeter Public Library in Exeter, New Hampshire, to see Tom Ryan, author of Following Atticus and his newest work,

Will's Red Coat because I'd been a fan for many years!

It was as inspiring to hear him speak and interact with the audience and his newly adopted dogs, Samwise

and Emily, as it was six years ago when I saw him at Water Street Bookstore when Atticus was still with him. Although it was sad to not see Atticus on the table or in Tom's arms watching the crowd it was heartwarming to hear him talk about his bond with his dear schnauzer.

 I am so glad I rearranged my day to be at the library (this was his last author talk until he publishes his next book) when I found out at the last minute that he, Samwise, and Emily would be in town and it was well worth the trip! 

When I went up to the table to get my book signed I was pleasantly surprised that he remembered me from so many years ago! I continue to be inspired by his writing and bond with his dogs by reading his books, his Facebook page, and blog! Please consider getting to know him and his dogs on these sites! I promise that you will not be disappointed!

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