Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Transformation of Ajax


Do you think dogs have favorite numbers? In the case of Ajax (the laughing fella to your left), I am convinced that he identified with the number seven because that was the amount of walks it took for him to ease his way into walking without pulling on the leash! You can plainly see that I'm complimenting him on this milestone (see what I did there?) while my Daisy is wondering why his good behavior didn't come with t-r-e-a-t-s, right? Prior to this breakthrough he tried to pull me every step of the way home  because he was terrified that the cars, pedestrians, and other dogs were going to harm him!


As soon as the leash came off he'd hop onto his couch, curl up in a ball, and give me that "deer in headlights" look that made me wonder when (if ever) he would feel comfortable on his walks with Daisy and me!

What caused this breakthrough, you ask? First and foremost, I believe ALL dogs can be rehabilitated. Second, I increased the minutes of his walks at his own pace and comfort level over a matter of three weeks. Third, I firmly believe that dogs are pack animals by nature and will learn from their elders which was one of the reasons why I introduced him to Daisy. As one week turned into three I asked permission to allow Daisy to romp in Ajax's back yard (pictured here in a calm moment) prior to heading out on the town and that final act, dear reader, brought on more bonding making him feel even more at ease!  

I'm not a certified trainer but I instinctively knew that with practice and patience he would eventually walk with confidence. As I study this last picture in comparison to ones above I am proud because his transformation is quite noticeable! Can you tell the difference? 

Dog walking has been a rewarding experience for me throughout the years and this one is no exception! I'm proud that I chose professional dog walking as a profession and I'm sure Ajax would agree! 

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