Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bone Up For Healthy Canines!

It was a battle of the wills to get Daisy to sit while I brushed her teeth so I gave up and gave in to a much better toothbrush; a raw bone. Thanks to her knuckle bone, Daisy has pearly white teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath! 

Daisy wants to know how your dogs keep their teeth clean and healthy. Do they prefer brushing their teeth with a bone or with a toothbrush?      


  1. We like bones for sure. Toothbrush. Forget about it.


  2. We're with the Mango on tis one...

  3. Thanks-we'd heard similar stories. May we ask exactly what kinds of bones you use, how often you give them, and how long do you let your dog chew them...till they're gone?

  4. Lovely Daisy!! Enjoy your big bone!! :-) Take care

  5. we like the bones... However Cooper is due for a teeth cleaning, and he's not to excited about it.

  6. We are bone girls, too! They taste great and your teeth and gums stay nice! Good on you Daisy, for standing your ground.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Definitely a toothbrushes for us!

  8. Now I need a bone!
    My mom does that thing of the tootbrush from time to time but it is something I don't enjoy!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. We switched to raw bones as well.

  10. We hate having our teeth brushed! BUT, Milly can only have certain foods. What kind of bones are these? Maybe Mom can see if Milly can have that, too.
    ~Milly and Shelby

  11. When we first got Dakota I was really good about brushing his teeth and he actually LIKED IT! Cody too!

    Then...being the lazy lout Mama that I am I got in very, very bad habits of not brushing his teeth. Dakota used to "hold" the toothbrush with his paw when I brushed lol.

    I also buy him a beef knuckle but I am kind of worried when he goes to the vet on Tuesday (for grooming and a shot) because the vet mentioned he may have to have his teeth cleaned. If so, I feel bad cause it would be my fault :(

  12. Bocci, Your questions were good ones and I will address your questions further and in more detail tomorrow but I will say that you can give your dogs a bone as often as you would like. It typically takes a week or more for a bone to be completely chewed. I let my dog and any guest dogs chew on them as long as they want. The first chewing session on a fresh bone typically lasts 30 - 60 minutes. But I have had some guest dogs chew on them for hours straight, being very delighted in this new treat. Chewing is also nice exercise for your dog. I find them very content and relaxed while chewing and a little sleepy afterwards.

  13. We get our teeth brushed-We like the toothpaste, but we bet we would LOVE those bones! What kind are they and where can Mommy get them :)????
    Maddy and Owen

  14. We haven't started brushing Janie's teeth yet, because she is still loosing her baby teeth!

  15. Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog,commenting and following.Lovely to 'meet' you!
    Bella loves to chew on a marrowbone,which I fill with treats.I used to give her chew bones,but when they got soft she would bite bits off and would sometimes get them stuck in her throat.
    Diasy looks like she's enjoying her bone! :0)

  16. Our girls get bones too! And, I tell you, they have better breaths than I do - sometimes.

    Oh, that was horrible. I'm just joking.


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