Thursday, September 7, 2017

Yay! I've Reached My 1,600th Blog Post!

As many of my wonderful blogging friends already know, I was inspired to start this blog while watching Julie and Julia in a crowded theater in Hooksett, New Hampshire, in January 2010. I was so excited about this writing venture that I loudly announced to my fiance' at the time, "I'm going to start a blog tonight! I really am!" but those sitting around me didn't share my enthusiasm. After enduring angry stares from the audience I quietly watched Julie Powell change from a woman who felt she had no purpose in life to a woman who challenged herself to cook all 536 of Julia Child's recipes in one year while creating a new life for herself in the process.

I felt that if Julie could do it so could I and I am proud to say that, as of today, I have blogged for a little over seven-and-one-half years! I am so happy to be here in Blogville with my friends who remind me day after day that I do have a purpose which is to educate and entertain my audience one blog post at a time.


  1. Happy Blogoversary from all of us! We hardly get a chance to comment but we read along all of the time.


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