Monday, March 6, 2017

My Interview With a Devon Rex Named Buddee

If you are wondering why Buddee is sitting at the table with a pen and a pad of paper before him it is because he just completed a series of interviews with his pet sitter. During the course of 3 days I learned a lot about Buddee and I hope you enjoy learning about him as well!

Me: That was quite a jump from the chair to the table, Buddee! I've heard that Devon Rex's can jump to even greater heights and I wonder where else you've jumped and why.

Buddee: I spend most of my time above the kitchen cabinets because the view is purrfect. Plus, I can jump from there onto my human's shoulder and startle him at the same time! Meow!

Me: I know that Devon Rex's are very active so is that why there's an exercise bike in the office?

Buddee: Are you telling me that this cat tree is not a tree after all? Say it ain't so, lady!

Me: If someone were to pet you what would it feel like?

Buddee: Humans can't keep their hands off my short wavy fur and I can't complain because I love to be pampered and petted. Some people say my fur feels like velvet and others say it feels like lamb's fur! While they compliment me they have huge smiles on their faces so I guess velvet and lambs are special!

Me: Among your many talents I'd say that your boxing skills are quite impressive! I've never seen a cat move like you do! How often do you practice? And what do you like most about the sport?

Buddee:  All of my workouts depend on the availability of any human who is willing to lend a hand. Some humans think I am naughty to use them as a punching bag but I'm only playing, people! 

 Like any sport that humans play, boxing clears my mind and helps me think about more than just catnip. In case you haven't noticed, boxing has turned me into a lean, mean (in a good way), fighting machine!  

Me: If someone were to adopt a Devon Rex after this interview is over what should they be prepared for?

Buddee: Good guestion! Our nicknames, "Bunny in a Cat Suit", "Monkey in a Cat Suit", and "Dennis the Menace" have been given to us for a reason! If you like our nicknames you are  the purrfect match for a Devon Rex!

I hope this interview amused you as much as it amused me!

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  1. Cute. I don't know much about cats but I'm learning.


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