Monday, October 10, 2016

Reggie's First Mobile Vet Appointment Was Spot-On!

My schedule has been so full that I haven't had a chance to get you up to date on the shocking visit I had with Reggie this past August and I promise it has a happy ending but I wasn't so sure when I noticed his irritated skin that afternoon! 

My immediate response was to send the above picture to his dad who informed me that Reggie's hot spots were significantly smaller before he left for work that morning! Because his dad would be home late that evening I suggested that the best way to stop Reggie from biting off more fur would be to 

get him fitted into an Elizabethan collar (otherwise known as a Cone of Shame or an E-Collar) which I found at nearby  K-9 Kaos but Reggie was unimpressed with it

The next step was to schedule an emergency vet appointment but because his dad works past normal business hours I suggested a mobile vet, Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls, pay Reggie a visit instead. 

Luckily, Dr. Kat Brandt had an opening for the following day and I was happy to step in as his parent and, as you can see by his smile, he was happy about that!

Besides the Elizabethan collar, Dr. Brandt gave his dad the following advice:

No ointments because his skin needed time to breathe and ointments are like a band aid in that it just covers up the problem but doesn't treat the root cause, a grain-free diet, a daily Vitamin E supplement, and antibiotics.

I'm happy to report that within a few days Reggie's skin began to heal and he and his dad are relieved that I was able to arrange a quick plan of action! 

Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls provides services to those patients who, for any reason, have difficulty paying a visit to a regular veterinary office.

For more information about Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls, please visit Dr. Brandt's website today!

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  1. Oh you poor baby. So happy to see the area is healing
    Lily & Edward


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