Thursday, September 15, 2016

4 Reasons Why Cats Are Happier Seeing Their Pet Sitter Every Day Rather Than Every Other Day

Harold looks forward to "helping" me write notes about his visits for his mom to read.
Occasionally, clients will request that I visit their cats every other day rather than on a daily basis because they insist that their cats are shy, independent, and will be fine due to the fact that there is a big bowl of food of water to keep them happy. 

However, my response is that I feel strongly that cats need daily visits for the following four reasons:

Even timid cats such as Newman felt better knowing I would look under the bed to say hello to him.
1. Regardless of your cat’s independence, they are used to having you around. When you go days without spending time with them, their happiness and health are affected. While a friendly pet sitter is no substitute for their loving owner having someone around to nurture and play with them is a huge comfort.

As soon as I scoop out Norman's litter he has to inspect it.
2. Not to mention, cats tend to be pretty finicky when it comes to their litter box. If a cat’s box is not cleaned out regularly, they are more likely to have accidents. A daily pet visit could save on future carpet cleaning expenses and will ensure that your cat gets the attention it needs.

Shy Sebastian never missed a minute of me scooping his litter box and filling his food and water bowls to the brim.
3. Another reason why every other day visits are not recommended is because when cats get sick, their health deteriorates rapidly. Cats are known to be pros at hiding their physical ailments so if your cat becomes sick, they will most likely hide their illness until they cannot hide it any longer. If a pet sitter is checking in on your cat daily, they will notice that something is wrong sooner than if they are only visiting every other day, keeping your pet safe from disease.

If my friends do not greet me I go to them and often find them in clever hiding places.
4. Too many other things can go wrong if your cat is only being visited once in a 48-hour period. For instance, your cat may knock over their water bowl, become trapped in a closet or cupboard, have an accident on the carpet, or become seriously ill.

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and are in need of a cat sitter, please contact me! Your cat(s) will be happy to see me! 


  1. Not a cat person, but I'd be worried they could get hurt if not monitored daily.

  2. I agree so too. The only problem is that cat owners may not be out so much so cat sitters need not to be around everyday though.


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