Monday, August 15, 2016

What Overnight Care Means to My New Boxer Friends, Bo and Luci

One of the many services I provide for dogs is overnight care because I believe they are happier in the comfort of their own home lounging on their couch like my new friend Luci is doing rather than lie on an unfamiliar cot at a boarding facility.

 She and her brother, Bo, approved of their mom's choice to hire me to stay with them especially since I gave them

treats after every walk

or whenever they gave me "that look" that I found hard to resist! 

 The other bonus for Bo and Luci was the chance to make friends with my girl, Daisy, who quickly became a part of the pack! 

Daisy is such a polite guest at every home that she insists on bringing a gift to share with her friends and in this case it was a small bag of coconut flakes to sprinkle on their kibble!

Some friends refuse it for dietary reasons but these boxers loved it so much that they insisted on having it at every meal!

 If you have dogs who would rather wake up with their pet sitter in their own home rather than in a boarding facility, I can help! 

For more information about my services, please visit my website or my Facebook page today! 

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  1. Hope you are going to stay at our house
    Lily & Edward


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