Monday, May 16, 2016

Reggie Gets Wound Up!

I've been walking Reggie, a Giant Schnauzer, five days a week for a little over a year now and because his large personality equally matches his large stature (he's about two feet tall) I never go home thinking our time together was anything less than entertaining. 

Sometimes Reggie will rest on the side of the road in order to extend our time together, watch the landscapers do their thing, pick out anything that smells good from recycling bins, rub his back on a bush that he seems to have mistaken for a hair brush, or he will place his front paws on the ground and then stomp his back legs to propel him into the air in a circular fashion. It's funny because his huge body doesn't look graceful as he jumps in the air but he doesn't seem to mind especially since I'm always standing nearby encouraging him to continue! 

On Wednesday he got so wound up in his dance moves that the cap of his poop bag dispenser flew off causing the roll of bags to wiggle all over his body! I thought it was funny how the ribbon settled across his chest as if it were a Mr. Universe banner and even funnier that he looked so proud of his antics afterwards! 

I'm curious to know if your dog does silly dances in order to extend his or her walk! If not what else does your best friend do?

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