Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy, Bouncy Ted Has Tragically Passed Away

On Monday I received the tragic news that my dear friend Ted, whom I walked for nine months, slipped out of his collar, ran away, and was later found dead after being hit by a car this past January and I was and still am devastated. What made the news even more devastating was to know that he was newly adopted and that he'd only been enjoying this this world for two years!

I last walked him in November and he loved walking a three to five mile loop to the nearby high school, middle school, and grocery store three times a week accompanied by either my dog, Daisy, a Chihuahua named Chalupa, or a greyhound mix, Gibson, and he loved every minute of his time with all of us. My heart was racing as I imagined the fear, shock, and pain he went through as a result of him wiggling out of his collar. When I met him it was clear that he needed a great deal of training because he was very skittish and full of pent up energy due to his young age but through a tremendous amount of reassurance and repeated weekly opportunities to walk with his three favorite friends he became a confident walker. Passing away tragically at two years old breaks my heart because he had many adventures ahead of him.

After hearing the news I went immediately to my phone to find memories of Ted. The serious picture was taken in March 2015 at the top of this post was taken after our first walk and he clearly was sad that his adventure was over too quickly! 

By June 2015 he got to meet his littlest friend, Chalupa, for the first time and I was absolutely touched that I brought so much joy into his life. Little did I know that he would be snuffed from my life and his family's life seven months later! 

Although I am heartbroken by this news I hope he is enjoying his time at Rainbow Bridge for that is the only comfort I can think of at the moment.

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