Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Win Cats and Influence Dogs to Give Up Their Belongings

When our eleven year old tabby cat, Henry, realized that our newly adopted coon hound, Daisy, was going to  be a permanent fixture in our lives, Henry decided it was time to tell Daisy that he will always be the king of the house and stated that fact by claiming ownership of Daisy's crate. Henry has always known a thing or two about the finer things in life but he had never known that dog crates are the ultimate cat's meow and he wondered why he never had a crate until now. If any felines are reading this, please jiggle your human's car keys and persuade them to take you for a ride to Petco because they obviously haven't heard that crates are for cats as well as for dogs!

Henry settled comfortably in his brand new crate and soon fell fast asleep until he heard some familiar footsteps and much to his surprise, Daisy was tickled that her little brother was resting in a crate that was way too big for him. She also knew that it was going to take awhile to make friends with Henry and Buster because she was the one who moved in without their consent, after all. So Daisy saw this situation as a way to smooth things over with Henry so she gave him full permission to rest in her crate whenever he pleased. Soon after that, she settled on her fluffy dog bed to take a much needed nap.

It was quite a revelation for Henry to learn that dogs aren't as awful as he thought they were and Henry wanted Daisy to know that cats aren't so awful either. So on that very huge pillow (which is not just Daisy's, but is now Henry and Buster's too) the pair officially became friends (even though Henry could not look me in the eye during this magical moment) and they celebrated their union with another good long nap.

And since Buster always trusts his brother's judgment, Daisy had two friends who were more than happy to sleep in her crate whenever they pleased.



  1. Love this story. Keep them coming. i am following your blog. Andie

  2. Glad everything worked in the right way!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Good thing it wasn't a skunk that Daisy found behind that tree. One of my clients came home recently to find a dead skunk in her living room with her dog looking proudly on.


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