Monday, April 25, 2016

Caroline's Sweet Surprise


When Caroline and I first met she wasn't quite so sure that I was a safe person to spend time with because she had a history of guarding her food from strangers so it took some time to convince her that I

only wanted the chance to pet her and keep her company and as soon as she realized this

  she bought a bag of my favorite Lindt candy as a thank you for not stealing her food! Pleasant surprises like this makes me happier than ever to be a professional pet sitter! 

If you've ever thought that your timid cat wouldn't do well with a pet sitter, think again! I've been able to make a connection with shy cats for ten years and counting!

  For more information about my services and rates please visit my website and book a free Meet and Greet today!


  1. It's great when they find someone they feel safe with when their own favorite people can't be around.

    1. It sure is but at first I wasn't so sure that she was going to let me prepare her meals without further hissing and swatting!

  2. Replies
    1. She is as sweet as the candy she got me! :)


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