Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Daisy Weighs In


When my mom shoved nudged me into the backseat of the car the other day I thought we were going to walk with a bunch of my friends like usual but instead I ended up at the vet's office for an annual exam. 

I'm typically an easygoing gal but THIS was pure EVIL of her to trick me into thinking that I was going to do something fun, hence the lack of a smile in the above picture! And the whole thing got a whole lot worse when the vet forced asked me to step on the scale! Would you believe that the arrow moved away from my good weight of 65 and stopped at 70 instead? How could a dog who goes on at least five power walks a day with friends gain weight? How could a dog who ONLY eats twice a day weigh 70 pounds?

Naturally, I would not accept the 5 pound weight gain so I stared deep into the eyes of the vet AND barked the following:

"Of course I'm 5 pounds heavier! You didn't give me a chance to take my collar and tags off!"

"You never get the right weight in the afternoon, lady! I weighed 65 this morning!"

As soon as the vet suggested that I should snack on vegetables and fruit instead of milk bones I lowered my head in laughter shame because I love healthy snacks BUT I won't eat them at home because it's boring to eat them without my friends by my side. My mom gets excited when I eat carrots, green beans, and apple slices with friends but as soon as I get home I give her the evil eye when she offers healthy snacks to me! 

 Do you have any healthy snack ideas that would be hard for me to resist at home? Or should I just eat the veggies and fruit that I already love at home and just make believe that a friend is eating them with me?


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  2. Just keep trying to convince mother it is all muscle
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