Friday, January 8, 2016

A Long-Lost Tribute to Henry

It's been one year and six days since Henry passed away in my lap while traveling to his veterinary appointment and it is still a shock that he's gone. 

While randomly visiting my Animoto page I just so happened to find this video that I created just days after his passing and I can't get through it without feeling a lump in my throat. Poor little man! I miss him desperately and I don't know when that feeling will ever go away!

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  1. I understand, and I hate to say the feeling will never go away but it probably won't. I am 880 days out from the loss of my beloved Abby and I miss her so deeply everyday. It's not as overwhelming as it once was but the quiet sadness is. I will miss her every day that remains of my life. Your Henry was so handsome and the Video is a wonderful thing to have rediscovered. Big hugs


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