Saturday, December 26, 2015

Looking Back on Memories About Henry's Fancy Feast


On the fourth of May, 2010, something seemed a bit out of the ordinary in Henry's world


because he only saw his personalized plate on special occasions

and he only eats a half can of Fancy Feast on Saturday nights (which just so happened to be the same night his humans ordered pizza)

and he rarely sees a second can of Fancy Feast on his plate and even if he did he certainly wouldn't share it with his brother, Buster 

in such a gracious manner.


But as soon as his mom dressed him in a smart-looking bow tie he  saw some unfamiliar lights appear above his favorite meal

and then he heard his mom say, "Happy 11th birthday, Henry!", and then it all made sense! He felt like he was the luckiest cat in whole world that day and I still believe he was!

Since the fateful day of Henry's passing is coming up on January 2nd I have been looking for memories to help me through the grieving process and it was wonderful to be reminded of the details of his 11th birthday. 

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