Thursday, December 17, 2015

Daisy Gets Into the Christmas Spirit in Downtown Dover, New Hampshire!

Strolling down the streets of downtown Dover, New Hampshire, is a favorite pastime for Daisy and me especially during the Christmas holidays because there are so many festive window displays to amuse us along the way. For example, we thought it was funny that Ear Craft Music placed an elf hat on their giraffe

and that tinsel swayed behind several rows of vintage records! 

Daisy's love of Christmas decor is heightened by the lure of milk bones that are almost always waiting at the stoop for her but on this particular night she was sorely disappointed. 

But she is not one to give up so we stopped at Nicole's Hallmark but no milk bones were in sight!

I was certain that Harvey's Bakery would have some bones at the door (they are a bakery, after all) but when Daisy saw an empty bowl she looked completely shattered UNTIL 

we started to walk towards Garrison City Barbershop where the barbers ALWAYS leave bones on the stoop and love to hand them out for their regulars and

Daisy definitely fit that category!  

All along I was thinking that Daisy loved Christmas decorations but apparently her idea of decorations is to see a box of milk bones in the window! So much for Daisy's holiday spirit! 

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  1. Did you buy anything Daisy? We like that giraffe
    Lily & Edward


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