Monday, November 16, 2015

What Brand of Peanut Butter Is Best For My Dog?

From left to right: Iggy and Lemmy are rewarded with more peanut butter after taking their daily supplements.

If you have dogs like Iggy and Lemmy who are accustomed to taking their supplements with peanut butter each day I strongly recommend that you avoid buying brands that contain Xylitol because it is extremely toxic to dogs in very small doses. Ingestion can cause rapid hypoglycemia (a dangerous drop in blood sugar level), extensive damage to liver cells,  seizures, or death. 

Besides Xylitol, if the ingredient label lists a high sugar and salt content then you should leave the jar on the shelf and purchase a all-natural peanut butter such as the Teddie brand. This brand is not only healthy but it is also so delicious that I started eating it as well!

As a general rule of thumb, the lesser the ingredients the better the product is for your pets (and you too!) and the Teddie brand passes the test!

You can rest assured that the Teddie's low sugar count is a healthy alternative to the popular brands on your grocery store counters! 


Please pass this very important information along to anyone you know who regularly includes peanut butter in their dogs' diet. Thank you!


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