Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reggie's Big Surprise!

Reggie's reactions to my Monday through Friday midday visits are so diverse that I always ask myself the following questions: Is he going to be lying on the couch? Is he going to howl with joy as soon as he hears me put the key in the doorknob? Is he going to hop up and down and put his enormous paws on my shoulders? 

On Monday, my Giant Schnauzer friend surprised me by doing none of the above! Instead, he stood in the kitchen and smiled as if to say, "Hey! What do you think of my new bandanna and haircut?" I told him he looked as handsome as ever and it was nice to see him after a two week hiatus, of course!

After our greetings were complete we set out for our walk but within minutes he decided that lying down on the cool grass was a much better idea! Because of his big size and even bigger personality his neighbors and all of the construction workers, landscapers, and dogs look forward to seeing him and today was no exception! 

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  1. Oh boy are you looking handsome
    Lily & Edward

  2. Is Reggie a Giant Schnauzer?? He is very handsome. I met someone the other day who ONLY had ever had rotties and giant schnauzers...He swore by both breeds!!!

    1. Hello....Yes, he is a Giant Schnauzer and his owner swears by this breed as well and I can see why! He's wonderful!


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