Monday, December 30, 2013

Oscar, the Pug In a Box

While trying to decide what to write about this morning I came across The Huffington Post article about Oscar, the Pug in a Box, and I was astounded that I never heard about him before because his story impacted so many people from all over the world. 

It was reported that a man walked into the animal shelter in Lancaster, California, in February 2013 and placed a small cardboard box on the counter and said, "I'm turning this dog in because he's old and can't walk anymore."

Oscar explained his condition on his Facebook page, The Oscar Diaries, as: "I had a pelvic infection, a urinary blockage, my penis was bleeding and covered in big bloody ulcers. I had awful teeth, horrible ears that were eaten by mites and both my ears were terribly infected. I also had skin infections and skin ulcers from laying in my urine for a very long time. I can't use my back legs and my front legs are weak." 

 According The Huffington Post, "This has been the best year of Oscar's life -- and sadly, the last. His health is declining and it's becoming increasingly clear that this is Oscar's last Christmas." As his life is coming to a close, his new owner, Jamie, is in discussions with her vet to decide how to make him comfortable in his last days.

If you would like to stay posted on Oscar's health and to look at his adorable pictures please "like" his Facebook page today. He and the ones who are closest to him could use your support!


  1. We have been watching Oscar from the beginning. Sometimes we do not understand the hearts of humans, just leaving him there, but then all the good peoples steps right up to take care of him and loves him.
    stella rose

  2. Stella, I figured you knew all about Oscar since he's practically a relative of yours.:) What a sad start of his year but it was such a miracle that he was given the care he needed so quickly! He is one sweet and lucky pug!

  3. He is so lovely , good that is saved now :D

  4. He is so precious. Why are people mean. I am so happy Oscar found happiness


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