Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Surprise Christmas Gift From My Pals, Pierce and Rondo

To my great amusement, my furry friends often buy Christmas cards and gifts for me and this year was no exception. 

I have no idea how cats (or dogs for that matter) manage to go shopping but I certainly appreciate their efforts. Otherwise, I wouldn't have this festive card waiting for me when I arrived

at Pierce and Rondo's house. 

 Rondo (in front) and Pierce have been my friends for a year so it was sweet of them to thank me for taking care of them so often.

To me, spending time with Pierce and Rondo and all of my other pet sitting clients is a gift in and of itself but a holiday surprise is very much appreciated too!


  1. Awwwwww what beautiful clever kitties!!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Take care

  2. That sounds great :). Merry Christmas to all of you. Best wishes from Yourspecialdog

  3. Hope you're having a pawsome festive season!


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