Thursday, November 14, 2013

Daisy Gets Her Fill at Her Favorite Gas Station

When Daisy gets close to her favorite gas station, Profile Gas and Auto Repair, 

 her eyes seem to be scanning the gas prices but in reality she is

 looking for her milk bones.

As soon as I grab one, Daisy licks her lips, sits pretty, and waits for me to

feed her! 

Daisy is so lucky to be supplied with milk bones from the employees at this gas station, and also at the bank, the barber shop, and the hardware store! 

Are your dog(s) as lucky as Daisy is? If your dogs gets treated in your neighborhood I'd love to know where it happens! Please share!


  1. The mail carrier use to give Bambi a little milk bone daily. That was all she ever got-- never one from me!!! A banana or carrot was the treat I gave her.


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