Monday, October 28, 2013

Chalupa Walks Alone

 It's been over a week since Chalupa lost his best buddy, Joust, and I sensed he would look lonely when I walked in the door this past Friday and he did. 

Normally he'd wag his tail like a pendulum while baring his little belly for a quick massage but instead he sat motionless. In addition, his favorite carrot snack lay untouched since the morning.

Before leaving for my next set of walks I thought he would eat his remaining carrots when I cut them in tiny pieces along with a another favorite snack, broccoli, but he wasn't interested. In the past those snacks would be devoured instantly. What a pathetic sight that was!

Of course Daisy came along and she sensed Chalupa's pain and when she came home she was inconsolable for hours. I am hoping that Chalupa, Daisy, and my mood improves when we walk together next Friday.

When I launched Teacher's Pet Sitting Service ten years ago I imagined only happiness but as time went on I experienced great loss as well.


  1. Awwww Chalupa! :-( We send you many many gentle purrs and hugs. Take care

  2. My Mom always says loving us is the easy, losing us is the hard. sending you a big hug today april....
    Stella rose, mags and gussie

  3. Oh boy do I understand. I am very very sad without my Benny

  4. Poor sad pupster... Wish I could cheer him up. :(


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