Sunday, June 9, 2013

Please Save Lilly the Deer From Leaving the Only Home She's Ever Known!

Have you heard about the Flint, Michigan, family who are fighting to keep their pet deer, Lilly, after having lived with them for five years? 

Lilly was rescued by the family (who has asked to remain anonymous) about five years ago, after the deer's mother was hit by a car outside their home in 2009. Before dying, she gave birth to Lilly.

Now, the family says Lilly has become "like their child" and has accustomed to "sleeping on the couch, playing Frisbee and watching TV" with their sons. But when a neighbor's friend saw the deer, she contacted the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which came to confiscate the deer.

Currently, there are several petitions supporting the domestic situation on, one with almost 6,000 signatures.

A fund has been set up online to help the family with legal fees. The family has hired a lawyer to help fight the DNR. 

On Wednesday, a "Save Lilly the Deer" Facebook page was created, which is now filled with posts like, “The DNR's mission is to PROTECT wildlife, and if they put Lilly back in the wild, or euthanize [sic] her because she is unfit for the wild, they are effectively causing Lilly HARM, not PROTECTING her,” or “The DNR needs to spend OUR MONEY on more important areas. Stop wasting the peoples [sic] money on such stupid stuff.”

In my opinion, Lilly should be allowed to stay in the comfort of her own home which is the ONLY home she's ever known! Some have suggested she live at the zoo but I think she would become depressed and anxious while living there because she wouldn't understand why she was moved to an unfamiliar setting. Plus, I don't think she would acclimate well to other deer because she thinks she's a human, more than likely. I've known of people who have squirrels, pigs, and goats living IN THEIR HOME and these pets and they are part of the family so what is the difference with a deer living in a home where she's comfortable?

What is your opinion of this situation? If you agree that she needs to STAY PUT please help her by clicking on the above links! Thank you! 


  1. She should stay, no doubt about. I'd like to strangle that tattle-tailing busybody who thought it was their business to get involved!

  2. This story is sad. I hope they get to keep Lillly. She would die if she were to go anywhere else. This is the only way of life she knows and she looks very content and happy,


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