Friday, April 5, 2013

Daisy, Delainey, and Emma's Road Trip to the Dog Park

Dear Friends, 

Even though you can't see my nose in this picture that's me, Daisy, to your left, who was sitting with my good pals (from left to right), Delainey and Emma, yesterday right before we saw the most majestic sign in the universe, 

Dover Dog Park! Don't let the snow fool you though. This is an old picture and my mom was distracted by our whines and barking to snap a new picture! LOL

Anyway, Delainey and Emma were the first to smile and check out the new digs (get it?) and then 

 Delainey and I began talking about our next move,

wrestling and the perk was that we had a new little friend, Spencer, to make sure things didn't get out of  hand paw.

And speaking of getting out of hand paw, Emma decided that playing was not on the agenda as soon as she got a closer look at Spencer and

obviously he wanted more than a closer look so he hopped right up next to her and didn't leave her side until 

it was time to walk back to the car! 

We were so sad to leave but we are sure we'll be back again next week!

Have a happy Friday, my friends,



  1. Wow what fun you guys all had!!
    stella rose and mags

  2. I'm exhausted just reading!! :) Have a great weekend :)


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