Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the Oscar for the Best Actor in a Leading Role Goes to Joaquin Phoenix!

Joaquin as Freddie Quell in The Master

 Would you forgive me for veering off-course from my usual pet-related posts to write about my make-believe boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix, who just might ride home with an Oscar for his leading role in the much praised (but pointless if I do say so myself) film, The Master, if I fill this post to references to pets every so often? Agreed? Okay so here goes --- 

Joaquin as Commodus in Gladiator

First of all, this is the first time I've let the CAT out of the bag by mentioning that I've had a huge crush on Joaquin for years and it only intensified when I saw him portray troubled Commodus in Gladiator but it was CATastrophic that he didn't win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2000.

Joaquin as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line

Five years later Joaquin swept me off my feet when he brilliantly played Johnny Cash in Walk the Line but even then he didn't win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I was DOGgedly determined that he win the Oscar that night but even with all of my support he didn't win! Poor guy! 

In my opinion, The Master was horribly boring and ridiculous but Joaquin wasn't so therefore I hope he goes home with a golden statue anyway! 

Who's your pick for best actor in a leading role?


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