Friday, October 26, 2012

Buster's Comforting Advice for Humans

Have you ever wondered why your humans bother trying to rush through the chore fun of making their our bed each morning? And have you ever wondered why they get irritated when we decide to lie on the sheets for a few minutes hours while they tuck the sheets under the mattress?

And have you ever wondered why your humans don't think it is one bit funny that we need a grooming break before the comforter is put down? 

Personally, I think cats are put on this earth to remind their humans that it is purrfectly okay to slow down and savor every moment, every chore, and every game of hide-and-

seek whenever pawsible! Don't you agree?


  1. Beautiful Buster!! You are wise and wonderful!! Humans should truly learn from kitties and woofies!! Take care

  2. Peek-a-boo, we see you! Our Mom is notorious for wanting the beds made PRONTO!!! But since we never get to go on the beds, we need to rely on your wised advice to slow her down:)

    Happy Friday!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Oh I agree 100%. Take the time to sniff the sheets. Besides they just get back in the bed and it's all messed up again. Save the time making the bed and use that time to pet your furry friend. That's what I say.

  4. Ha ha we do that. Sometimes I have to be pushed off the bed. Cheated of a lie in I am. Have a fabulous snoozy Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. It takes awhile to train our humans to relax and enjoy doing chores but I'm hoping that one day my mom will play hide-and-seek with me instead of rushing around so much!

  6. Wonderful advice Buster, and, may I say, you are a cat after my own heart!

    Purrs to you,

  7. Oh Buster you are my hero!!! What profound thoughts! mol

  8. Buster you could be onto something here, I'll have to discuss it with our cat, CC--I wonder if I can get an appointment with her?

  9. I like to "dig" in the bed... You never know what's under those covers...

  10. Buster loves that bed a lot more than anything else. That's funny and cute. It's fun to look at that awesome cat.

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  11. Excellent advice. I, also, encourage the humans to slow down and savor the moments. Bed making? Humbug. Isn't the goal of all those blankets to make a nice cozy nest?



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