Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daisy's New Feeding Station Is The Cat's Meow!


When  I bought this charming dog feeding station at a yard sale on Sunday I was sure my coon hound, Daisy, would appreciate my bargain find but as soon as I brought it home Henry was the only one who showed any interest. 

While Daisy and Buster hung back in the bedroom, Henry walked into the kitchen to sniff it, rub against it, and then he stood tall on top of it and

as soon as I removed one of the bowls he hopped in the box and watched as I

filled the bowl with water and happily started drinking!

Whenever a dog related item arrives in my apartment Henry doesn't get offended but instead thinks it is purrfect for him! 

I have to wonder, though, if Daisy will ever eat and drink from from her new feeding station or if she will continue to eat in the living room as she has been doing for months?


  1. LMAO silly cats! Her feeder is so cute!!!

  2. Trust a cat to steal the dogs stuff! Too silly!


  3. Sorry lovely Daisy! It's Henry's Home now!! LOL! Take care

  4. That is a great shot of Henry in the feeding station. I hope the dogs don't take that as their new food. Could mean disater for Henry.

  5. Get in there Henry....BOL. Well funny. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I think my cat just likes messing with my dogs' minds by pretending to like their new stuff.

  7. I think Henry has staked his claim on the dish. It's his.

    hugs, Max

  8. Good job Henry getting in the feeding station. That makes a great place to sit. Hope you don't sit in the water dish. Have a great day.

  9. What a cool place you have there Henry, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. Henry has been the most curious of all 3 of my pets so it didn't surprise me that he was the first and only one to check out the feeding station but what has surprised me (and confuses me) is why Daisy won't eat in the kitchen anymore! I think she heard a noise in the kitchen months ago and from then on she decided the kitchen is a dangerous place indeed! I hope she will eat in the kitchen again but if she doesn't I'll understand!

  11. leave it to cats! Whatever isn't meant for them they want, and whatever IS for them they don't want!

  12. Wow that was a wonderful find!
    We love yard sales too.
    Still haven't found anything that cool.


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