Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heartsick Pit Bull Stays With Dead Friend For 14 Hours

Blogging has been difficult to keep up with because of my busy teaching and pet sitting schedule and I will do my best to read all of your posts as time allows. In the meantime I want to share the following recent story about a pit bull who loved his friend so much that he denied himself of food and comfort from curious onlookers for 14 hours. What struck me as I read this was the unselfish devotion dogs (or other furry and feathered pets) have for their humans and for their own kind. I hope this story touches your heart as it did mine.

"A heartbroken male pit bull stayed with its dead friend for 14 hours over the weekend, after the female pit bull was struck and killed by a car in Phoenix. The male pit bull was seen nuzzling its dead mate even as passersby and local business owners left behind food for the dog.

The photos of the dogs were widely shared on Facebook, which inspired one outraged woman in Chicago to call the mayor's office in Phoenix to demand action from the city's animal control staff. "They are going to look into this and find out why it took them 14.5 hours to get the dogs picked up," Karyn Aspan said.

The dog is now being cared for; his handlers say he was so withdrawn that he might not be adoptable, though inquiries from the public have been made."



  1. What bad person left these dogs like so!??! How awful!

    Poor dogs!! :-( Awwwww! I hope the remaining woofie finds a good home/carers! Poor doggie.

    Take care

  2. That is horrible. Breaks my heart!! I will say that I believe people could learn a thing or 2 from animals. I really do.

    Also, I didn't realize you are teaching again!


  3. God love them. Such a sweet,sad story.

  4. This story is heartbreaking! The dog has a harness, certainly there is an owner somewhere!
    I know what you mean, life does get in the way of our blogging!

  5. When I moved to this house 39 years ago there were 2 dogs living here. We excepted the two dogs and had the female spayed. 2 weeks later the female was hit in the road out front and killed. The male would not leave her!!! We carried her back to the house and the male slept out on her all night long.

  6. Interesting article - thanks for posting..

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  7. we see'd that story on teh news, it was verreh sad.


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